ARTICLES: What should be done with a Dead Person's Gemstones| What is the Correct Way of Handling the Gemstones of a Person Who has Passed Away | Guruji Shrii Arnav

What should be done with a Dead Person's Gemstones| What is the Correct Way of Handling the Gemstones of a Person Who has Passed Away | Guruji Shrii Arnav


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What should be done with a Dead Person's Gemstones| What is the correct way of handling the Gemstones of a Person who has passed away.

DOM = The person responsible for disposal of a dead body following proper rituals and procedures.

The DOM arises from the DAMRU of Lord Shiva.

The way Maya Operates is very fascinating. I often Get this question-I visited a funeral / cremation ground/ Somebody died And I was wearing my Gemstones. What is the correct way to energise them or what is the way to re- wear them. Fair enough- Your anxiety as well as desire is understandable.



However the question that we do NOT get quite often but is of Vital importance is that what is to be done to the dead persons Gems that he/ she was wearing when they left their earthly abode.

This is a very vital question but why it is not asked I leave it to your opinion/ values/ judgement etc.



Ok In short- Whenever a person dies the Gems and jewels on the body at the time of death should be handed to the Dom/ Chandala/ Undertaker / The person responsible for disposal of the body after the rituals are over. This is mandatory as per established tenets but not available in poor quality literature and is also not available to cut, copy & paste Guru's.


Antim Snan- The Final Bath

When your loved one has left the mortal body to embrace the final reality and love on earth we perform  something called as the Antim Snan- the final bath. follow Your traditions especially relevant to your family and culture.

The Dom- These people are actually outcasts and whatever you say about social revolution, equality or human values they are still not integrated in the common social fabric.



Amongst Many other things what is means is when one is excluded from the 90% of social interactions they also lose the opportunity of earning a normal income from these many interactions- THINK

That is WHY the merciful Lord has made special arrangements for their economic survival.

If the last bath( antim snan) has happened with Gems or Jewels on the body then these should not be removed.

It is the choice of the Dom to do whatever with it.

If before the last bath the Jewels and Gems have been removed then tie them in a red cloth( any material) and give to the Cremator before the ritual.


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When donating the Gems pray that May the departed soul find peace and also pray that some limiting habit or negativity from you goes away.

Come back without looking back and this is the way to treat these death cases.

Now before your mind starts wandering, debating etc respect History and Tradition- Remember Raja( King Harish Chandra) was owned by Kallu Dom.

These Gems provided ultimate protection and took the impact of many Bad Karmas. They should go to someone who can process it and should not remain at home- Regardless of the Value.


I pray that good sound knowledge with reasonable positive outcomes blesses you and may you light the lamp of knowledge that banishes ignorance in the heart of Every Human that you meet.

Amongst the many keys that are used to open the doors that ultimately lead to meeting the Ultimate Father the Dom / Chandala has the first one- Never forget that.

And your blessed Mind and a Heart will now Ask question: We did'nt do it what to do now.


Take a Black cloth. Tie the Gems and Jewels in that. Go to the cremation ground and hand it over to the person responsible for body disposal. Come back withiout looking back. Take a shower and pray May the misfortune never come back.

Don't think what will happen to the DOM. They are mighty capable of handling these energies. You just do your duty and yes, no more questions.

And if the DOM refuses to take the donation then you have a real problem.


तीन महान शक्तियां दुनिया पर राज करती हैं; मूर्खता, भय, और लालच।

- अल्बर्ट आइंस्टीन (Albert Einstein)

Leave at least 2 in the Cremation ground- Well at least, Temporarily

Hugs Kisses and Explanations Aside

Do NOT mess with Wizards

And Yes- Happy Karthigai Deepam- Light the lamp of knowledge in your heart and then illuminate the heart of others.


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There is ample light if you can see

Jai Gurudev

Om Namah Shivay

Om Namo Naraynay

Jai Shri Krishna

I look forward to meeting you today in Humans of Gemstoneuniverse

A Good Death comes only after a Good Life. You will love it and see it in 2023



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