ARTICLES: Artificial Intelligence What to Take and What to Leave and What is the Big message from the Planetary Masters.

Artificial Intelligence What to Take and What to Leave and What is the Big message from the Planetary Masters.


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TWIRLED (7) AI (2)- 1984 revisited-Playing with Nature is not an good idea.

TWIRLED 7 AI 2 7+2=9

First things first I am not a conspiracy theorist or advocate.

I find zero yes 0 pleasure in discussing how wars are engineered or how the big pharma wants Desperately to keep everybody sick

Or how gold prices determine the success or failure of somebody's business.

That being said today, we have a new creature being touted as the solution for next generation and think about it.

It is lies in plain sight and it has been named fashionably as AI-Artificial intelligence

Think about it, there is nothing artificial about intelligence.

Intelligence is a cutting edge sword

The great, Albert Einstein had once remarked that two things can never be measured-

One is infinity and the second is the human stupidity and I am not sure of the latter"- Well said Einstein.

Think, contemplate- this is the time where your so called, advanced and sophisticated Search algorithms put pit bull the singer as the first result as compared to putbill- The DOG- Intelligent world indeed.

Now they want a machine to type your email so that whatever good use you do of your brain is also finished.

Or for example, search for Amazon and one lands on some kind of a store instead of the Amazon forest, or. the Amazon river.

And you say AI has come for human benefit yes ,yes I believe you - Indeed Bald and Dumb speaking of clean energy and sustainable goals- Whatever that means.

Do you know this is to TWIRLED- twisted vision to play with nature.


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My advice and recommendation don't do it!

Because we already belong to a world that is classified as "Idiots United".

The mental faculties of a regular human being are so fundamentally basic-that lack of correct decision-making always becomes a feature or a character supplemented by external validation.

It's called as herd mentality.

If everybody is doing something it must be right.

Don't do it because you have an under-age under-developed mind already and once they take the tools and the practice from you, you will be left as a jelly or Jell-O or a vegetable don't do it.

Use your own intelligence.

You don't need artificial intelligence.

As far as the prediction of what will happen to this technology being touted as artificial intelligence, well you know

When the clown enters the palace, he does not become a KING. The palace becomes a circus.

Don't be a part of the circus, develop your human faculties and mind which are very very powerful virtues and gifts given to you by the Lord, nature, omnipotent, or whatever you want to call it.

This sinister attempt to make royal idiots out of idiots is called as TWIRLED AI

T: The

W: War to create

I: Intelligent

R: Respected

L: Looking

E: Educated

D: Duffers.

If you cannot COHERENTLY speak 10 impromptu sentences without using a lot of Buts, And, Hmms or Umms stay away from

this Twirled Twisted Creature.

Koi to hai jo chahtha hai Aap Gadhe is Bane Rahe.

But wait.. That creature is better. He does not know what is AI and does not care a ...

Well twirling is a good thing but only with the DNA or Kekule's vision of Benzene- That is svelte and sophisticated twirling.

That is enough & what you have is enough.

Don't board the train of idiots because in this train there are no tickets and it goes no - where.


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My prediction is that enough chaos is already there.

You just add artificial confusion to it and then you have a sauce of stupids- SOS- That makes everybody crazy.

The power of NINE has been revealed yet again in this post.

Use your fingers. Use your hands. Use your knives. Use your tools because no algorithm can give you food or secure your safety.

I pray that the nine planets, the supreme cabinet bless you with good sense and yes start using that beautiful mind because we might actually have a war on hand.

Take care. God bless you. Good luck.

I now hear- Twerking is a career. Good Lord Save the world- Now off to some trekking but a coffee first- Just like mine- The

Twirled AI- Aaya Bada

चाट झपट वपट पोपट वह नहीं बना पायेगा

मिले गंजा और कबूतरा

बना दिया सबका चबूतरा

Chat- Bot- Ra

I hear Amazon has made a new Robot and named it " ASTRO"

Congratulations to good Astrologers. Aise hi Jyotish Bad- Nam Karte Phirte Hai. Abey Amazon Ne Naam Rakha Hai Amazon Ne.


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Jiyo Guru

Dhan Dhan Gurudev


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