ARTICLES: Achieving Masters In REJECTION to secure the Post of Success Manager

Achieving Masters In REJECTION to secure the Post of Success Manager


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 Achieving Masters In REJECTION to secure the Post of Success Manager 

 Are you a person who can take a NO with a poker face without getting upset?

If the answer is no, you do not have to read this post further

If the answer is yes, allow me to fine tune your skills to go to another level

Now, everybody is looking for the elusive goddess called as success, and at a fundamental level, success means having a good life, secure finances, adequate amount of wealth, a good social life, and standing ability to live life happily with family and close ones and ability to live a reasonable life of freedom


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 Yes Or No?

That being said at least 80% or more cannot do that, despite all the information available for training, learning skills, social media tips, et cetera, et cetera

Question number two, why do we go to school/university, et cetera, et cetera?

A short, but correct answer is

 To learn what exactly does not work in the real world and the real life 

Surprised: Go and watch my speech at International business Conclave on Youtube. Phd holders do NOT know the Alphabet. 

Is my education wasted?

No ( Some Relief)



The school or university or organised education is important for getting these nine life skills

 Always being on time, imagine giving the traffic excuse to your class teacher or principal. being on time, always regardless of the epic problem, you may be facing

 Management of self entropy as per asset structure. Go back to your school and imagine yourself at your reasonably best behaviour for 45 minutes in a box that you call as the classroom.

 Getting out of the box is what I do hence the forbes title of Grandmaster of Circling the Square and Squaring the circle.

 Ability to concentrate or at least look as if you are concentrating for long periods of time, such as sitting in the geography class for 45 minutes and looking mighty interested as soon as the teachers gaze move towards you

 Learning basic etiquette and skills such as standing up and greeting your teacher when the teacher comes in The Classroom.



What are you doing now ?

You have learnt all that you’re parents sacrificed -for didn’t you say that that my parents spent a huge amount of money to get me educated, why are you now not standing in front of elders or those who help you earn your bread?

 Managing social interactions, especially conflict and complexes in a secure setting without entering into physical violence, abuse.

Yes- your first training in social life and interactions happen in the school or the university where even if you are in conflict with with other people, you will be at your civil best behaviour to keep it secret from the teachers and the authorities and try to solve this problem

 Learning the skill to play with what you have on a higher level, accepting rules and regulations, and following them, and not revolting for the greater organised structure

 Learning to share and share judiciously, think of lending your eraser, sheets of paper from your notebook or sharing your food during the lunch break

 Understanding the drama and futility of life from those parent teacher, meetings, and Deducing the greater life lessons or tasting the nectar of life by seeing how other parents dress up and behave in front of the teachers and in some cases, praying that your parents never land up for that meeting

 Managing your ego in a reasonably effective manner, such as when a group of pansies keep calling you an ugly duckling, and even though you want to sock their teeth out, you cannot do so because of authority- Invest in self processing of pain.

 Leveraging and managing your time as per the timetable, pivoting greatly adapting like Superman and not just wishful thinking


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9- Above nine search Guruji Shrii Arnav and the power of nine.

Hence- the organised education is not a complete waste unless until you come into the adult life and get influenced by poor content and poor people and unlearn and undo whatever you have learnt in 9 to 15 years of organised education

Think ,think hard -15 years of structure, learning, and your time, what are you doing with it?

That being said, I will be brief since the context has been set to give you a reality Check and bring you up to speed for what is required for success.

 The first rule is that that unless and until there is somebody to buy your product or service, you will always have no money and no success

So give your respect to these people 

Secondly, if you have a product or service that you think is special and worth selling, then the biggest skill you can learn is the power of accepting A NO

80% of the people who detested the school, but still went through. If do not have the power to accept the no because of a very frail ego or a complex or fear.

And hence, after one or two poor interactions and the strife that follows when somebody NO- NO’es you makes one abandon all efforts of pitching oneself or one’s product or service, and that abandonment leads to frustration, anger, depression, and entropy, and makes you fade into obscurity and makes you friends of excuses such as destiny, freewill, karma, bad luck, people around you, God, et cetera


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In fact, the only problem is either you do not have a special product or a special service, or you are too self important not to accept A No.



The first step in having a good life, read a successful life in your vocabulary, and part is to accept a no, and that PHD is called as

 Masters in Rejection 

The day you start practising to accept rejection and ensuring that with every rejection, you understand that the reason for that rejection is a fine lesson.

Keep learning from these rejections and upping your game for the next no.

I ass-ure you that- if your product or service is special and you start this course of rejection the Guruji Shrii Arnav’s way

By the time you receive the ninth rejection, you will already be on your merry way of success and happiness

Didn’t I say the cat has nine lives? Don’t use them so fast. Take one life to learn the art of receiving rejection.

Now, once you become the foundation of rejection, you will need four pillars or four people to ensure that you or your organisation is able to reach epic levels

These four people are the four pillars or the welcoming POST are actually the post people and what do we mean by that



There are the four people who will represent the four most important function/functions in a life or a business or an organisation

 P: Product Management

 O: Operations Management

 S: Sales Management

 T: Thank you management

This is your teams, pack of success where the individual handling sales is Akin to the lion of the pack.

He or she will put himself in the line of fire and hunt alone to bring you-The food- read as reward or profit or outcome.

The sales has to be adequately supported by the PACK who ensure that the lion does not have some external hidden risk or distraction, and that other nittygrities are looked after.

The Best way to be a masters in rejection management is to do a stint in sales.

May I draw your attention to let you know the fine line between servicing a sale read customer has entered a place with Pre arranged products and the difference between an actual sale where the lion goes out, and gets the prize read a sale

What are you selling?

Welcome to the truth University in this life- you have to sell yourself.

Your skills to be special. Else. Be happy with what you have. And be ready for the consequences.




The key take away from this Share is number one-

Are you selling to the right people number


are you ready to take a No.


is your post ready?

Thank you Team ( The T in the post) is very very vital to ensure that good reasonable outcomes and further leads come into your life and organisation.

Raise the game, be happy, learn, and unlearnfrom whatever you have learnt and apply the best practices to be happy

I wish all of you again, a very happy Eid. I was fortunate to have the vision of the moon yesterday and pray to it and greet you at that fortunate time when Eid was officially declared.

Today, Our volunteers guided by the Almighty and motivated by a higher power and serving the Guru energy will be distributing food, first aid supplies and other things all over the globe.


Because we have been prepared and we are aware that when the Almighty gives us the power to accept graciously and reward us with success- It is, but of course our duty to give back.

Sleep, dance or do whatever you want, but do not curse astrology, spirituality, free destiny, karma blah blah blah because you are yourself, not practising what you learnt at school and for those who never went to school- It is your responsibility to get hold of a person or an organisation, who will school you properly in the art of taking a you know, don’t you know?

No, no, God bless you.

and this culminates the sermon of rejection, Guruji Shrii Arnav way

I have been very brief. I know people, organisations and governments who spend humongous amount of hours and paperwork, just documenting A “ NO” because they never had the power to ask or the power to do.

Don’t be those people.

You know something?

If you do not ask the answer is always a NO

Enter the  9:12 the Guruji Shrii Arnav’s way and the magnificent 9 planet cabinet and the 12 houses of the birth chart:




 R: Respect for rejection

 E: Embrace the no

 J: Journey of learning

 E: Endurance through rejection

 C: Courage to continue

 T: Tenacity in the face of no

 I: Insight from each rejection

 O: Opportunity in rejection

 N: Never give up



 9:12- The Guruji Shrii Arnav Rejection Mantra

 Remember Every Journey Comes To Insightful Outcomes, Now Sustain. 

 You know what to do


In Pic:

You don’t know

The Art of Salvaging from the worst to still deliver world class value and Charisma to Karna hi hai apna kaam- Usi Ki hi kamate- khate hai.

Guruji You Don’t know

Yes I know

No No


I am so glad that I did’t purse medicine

Yes or No



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From the desk of Revered & Beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav

Thank you, dear patrons & fans, - To keep us in your prayers & inspiring us to go beyond. You give us strength to follow our Motto –

“Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus” - Pleasing to God & to Men

May you be happy, healthy and protected! – Guruji Shrii Arnav


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