ARTICLES: Saturn Reveals Your Role in Life as per Your Horoscope. Know Your Role to Get on The Path of Success | Grandmaster Guruji Shrii Arnav

Saturn Reveals Your Role in Life as per Your Horoscope. Know Your Role to Get on The Path of Success | Grandmaster Guruji Shrii Arnav


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Understanding the Role of Judge Saturn to choose the right path in life- EAT properly

The Planet Saturn wields considerable power in the present time frame.

In an environment when Global trends and professions change in the blink of an eye one must be able to EAT Properly for success life.

E: Execute and Plan

A: Adapt and action

T: Teach and Be Taught

The primary two roles that one has to find their niche are based on the power of preceptors- Of the Gods- Jupiter and the Demons- Venus.

See if you fit in the following categories

The Preceptors Energies - Primary Energy

Saturn + Jupiter : Leader and protector

Saturn + Venus:   Dealer and provider


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If you do not fall in the above two categories then the advice I can give to you if find someone  inspiring who does and follow 1 category. This is the key to lead the least friction ridden life and shift to Friction Free Life.

Once the primary engine has been identified - you horoscope will give you a secondary role and power to navigate this maze of life. The strongest combination will exert the dominating influence.

Secondary Energies

  • Saturn + Sun: Regulator
  • Saturn + Mercury:Reader
  • Saturn + Mars: Enforcer
  • Saturn + Rahu: Mesmeriser/ Sweeper
  • Saturn + Ketu: Pleader/ Prayer

The above can occur due to conjunctions, associations, despositor etc.

Two talents if specialised will help you be happy and successful in life.

The easiest way to zero in will be your horoscope. All other stuff can help but takes a lot of time, money, energy ( MET- We do not want to go there)

It Just Takes an "A" to move from Maze to Amaze and what is that A


Astrological World Predictions 2023 with Guruji Shrii Arnav Gemstoneuniverse | Guruji Shrii Arnav


Action and Adapt.

You are an amazing person. I hope you find that role.

What is the Language of God

It is the WORD- The secret is there in every defined language on planet earth if you understand the


Om Om OM

God Bless You.

In Pic: In a sacred shrine with Guru (Jupiter)- In Golden Robes and Venus( Shukra) In Red Robes.


Meanwhile in my World Predictions in 2022 I had indicated an unlikely alliance. That has just come to pass. Did you see how quietly there is a shift to control OIL.

Saudi and IRAN got into a peace accord under the Chinese and There is conscious effort to Make Saudi make oil settlements( Read Payments) in YUAN.

So what does that mean? Do you understand the ramifications of it? What are your thoughts

Connect the DOTS: The final sutra is


God Bless You again

So What is your combination? Did you find out.

Om Sahana Vavatu Saha Nau Bhunaktu Saha Viiryam Karavaavahai Tejasvi Nau Adhiitam Astu Maa Vidvissaavahai Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Om, may the Divine protect both teacher and student.

Let us be nourished and protected.

May we work together with great energy.

May our studies be effective.

May we never hate or fight one another.

Om Peace, Peace, Peace.



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May you be happy, healthy and protected! – Guruji Shrii Arnav


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