ARTICLES: Mahagaura- The Choice Between White & Black, To be or Not to be, Or Become the Choice Itself- The Only Choice

Mahagaura- The Choice Between White & Black, To be or Not to be, Or Become the Choice Itself- The Only Choice


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 Mahagaura- The Choice Between White & Black, To be or Not to be, Or Become the Choice Itself- The Only Choice 

 At the Very Outset wish all a very Happy Durga Ashtami. The Mother's Energies are now reaching a crescendo.

 These energies can be difficult and complex to handle and the best way is to just celebrate the festival.

 This form of the divine feminine gives the capacity to distinguish between what is to what is not and the power to Master Both.

Now contemplate on This:

 मानसरोवर या मनसरोवर 

This is the ultimate contemplation and meditation ever- capable of making one realise the " Ardhnareeswar" within oneself.

If you are not yet at this stage at this point of time- that's just about ok- You should make effort to reach there.

A Good starting point is the embedded video below that will gently set you on the path.



9 Search Guruji Shrii Arnav and Power of 9- Also 9

 M: Mind

 A: Activates

 N : Neutrality

 S: Subject To


 O: Optimised

 V: Versus or Better still Verses ( add suffix )

 E: Expected

 R: Reality

Mind Activates Neutrality Subject To Reality Optimised Versus Expected Reality

The Above also explains Man Over Sustained Reality Release.

 In an overwhelming moment today as I touched the feet of the Mother she gave me access to her Dream- The Original Metaverse and as I touched Her in the cosmic Womb- I realised that all Duality leads to Equality" 

These 9 pointers from Her Womb are the first layer that I humbly Transfer to you with reverence, Prayers and Hope.

May She Bless You:

 Title: Embracing Duality: 9 Paths to Achieve Mental Clarity

The Initiation of Dual Thought In the Mind Successfully

Above Lap 9

In our journey towards self-discovery and finding inner peace, accepting duality plays a crucial role.

It is through this acceptance that we can attain mental clarity, understanding that light and darkness, joy and sorrow, and all emotions and experiences are interconnected and necessary for our growth.

Here are nine points to help you embrace duality and gain mental clarity in your life:

1. Acknowledge Your Shadows: 

To achieve mental clarity, it is important to acknowledge and accept your shadows—the aspects of yourself that you usually shy away from.

Explore your fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities with compassion and non-judgment.

Embracing your shadows allows you to better understand yourself and develop a more balanced perspective.

Kundalini Shakti and Gem Energy: Rahu- Hessonite

2. Accepting Light and Darkness: 

Life is a tapestry of contrasts, with light and darkness coexisting harmoniously. Recognize that both positive and negative experiences shape your journey.

By accepting both, you can embrace the lessons and wisdom they offer, leading to greater mental clarity.

Kundalini Shakti and Gem Energy: Ketu- Cat's Eye

3. Cultivate Self-Compassion: 

Self-compassion is the key to accepting duality within yourself. Treat yourself with kindness, forgiveness, and understanding.

Embrace your flaws and mistakes as valuable learning opportunities, fostering a nurturing environment for clarity to flourish.

Kundalini Shakti and Gem Energy: Mercury- Emerald

4. Explore Gratitude: 

Practicing gratitude allows you to appreciate the beauty in both joyful and challenging moments. Expressing gratitude for both the highs and lows cultivates resilience, acceptance, and a clearer mindset, enhancing your overall mental well-being.

Kundalini Shakti and Gem Energy: Jupiter- Pukhraj

5. Practice Mindfulness: 

Engage in mindfulness practices to develop a non-judgmental awareness of the present moment.

By observing your thoughts and emotions without attachment, you can navigate duality with clarity, making balanced decisions based on a deeper understanding of yourself and the circumstances.

Kundalini Shakti and Gem Energy: Moon- Nacre Pearl

6. Seek Perspective: 

Gain clarity by seeking different perspectives. Engage in open conversations, listen actively, and try to see situations from various angles.

This approach allows you to broaden your understanding, embrace diverse viewpoints, and harmonize contrasting opinions to find common ground.

Kundalini Shakti and Gem Energy: Saturn- Blue Sapphire

7. Embrace Change: 

Change is a constant in life, and learning to embrace it contributes to mental clarity. Accept that change brings both positive and challenging outcomes.

Viewing change as an opportunity for growth rather than a threat allows you to adapt, pivot, and gain clarity amidst uncertainty.

Kundalini Shakti and Gem Energy: Venus and Diamond

8. Integrate Self-Reflection: 

Engage in regular self-reflection practices, such as journaling or meditation, to explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Delving deep within can illuminate the interconnectedness of your contrasting aspects, helping you find balance, acceptance, and mental clarity.

Kundalini Shakti and Gem Energy: Sun and Ruby

9. Practice Balance and Moderation: 

Strive for balance and moderation in all aspects of life. Recognize that extremes can lead to imbalance and confusion. By consciously seeking moderation in work, relationships, and personal growth, you create a foundation for mental clarity to flourish.

Kundalini Shakti and Gem Energy: Mars And Red Coral


Embracing duality and achieving mental clarity is a transformative journey. By accepting both light and darkness, exploring different perspectives, cultivating self-compassion, and practicing mindfulness and gratitude, you can navigate life's complexities with a clearer mind. Through self-reflection, embracing change, and seeking balance, you will find peace and harmony within yourself and in the world around you. Embrace duality, and let mental clarity guide your path.


Mahagaura- The Choice Between White & Black, To be or Not to be, Or Become the Choice Itself


Watch this video and let Her Hold Your Hand

Above Also 9



Ustad Ji Kar Kya Rahe Ho? Dukan Khol Kar Galle pe Hi Baith Jaate.



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