ARTICLES: The 7 Deadly Sins of Mind and Memory: Extolling the nodes- Role of Eclipses

The 7 Deadly Sins of Mind and Memory: Extolling the nodes- Role of Eclipses


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The 7 Deadly Sins of Mind and Memory: Extolling the nodes- Role of Eclipses.

Today 08th November 2022 is the Lunar Eclipse.

The Last Lunar eclipse was on 16 May 2022.

What is particular to these dates is 8 is exactly half of 16- Aadha- More on this later.

That being said today We shall celebrate the art of Forgetting- A gift given by God for our essential survival.

Forgetting is a gift, is an approach quite different from the normal perception that one should not try to forget everything and try to complete everything on time- This is what is taught in schools and families and the followers of this lot are most likely to commit this sin.

The Universe and the Human Mind has limited resources and periodically if the individual is not good at prioritisation the Brain assumes the captaincy role and deletes information from the brain it thinks it is non-essential.


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It does it because:

It thinks it is only so much this individual can handle.

It thinks new information is more important and decides old information has to go- Here it exercises its powers of discretion and judgement.

So the Brain performs these 2 essential functions:

  • Forget Important Things
  • Create confusion in Memory

Here it is important to remember that storing information in memory is only 1 part. Retrieval of information is an equally humungous task as well.

This process of information travel and re- arrangement is not a linear algorithm under ideal conditions.

Each one has a unique process and unique circumstances.

So what are these 7 Sins that are essential for Sanity and what planets cause this forgetfulness.

It can be given by a formula called as STAB COT.

Do you remember the mighty Bhishma Pitamah from the Mahabharata.


Resting on a bed/ cot of arrows with constant pain just to ensure the correct movement of the Sun so that his spirit could leave at the appropriate time- That is the level of importance we are talking about.

So what is the STAB COT- धार-दार हथियार से प्रहार

S: Suggestibility: Sun

T: Transience: Moon

A: Absent Mindedness: Mercury

B: Blocking: Mars

C: Choke: Saturn

O: Obstinacy: Jupiter

T: Twist: Venus

These are the 7 ways we forget stuff for our own good.

Now the panel of the 7 greats is described above.


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The Master Reset and Eclipse

Sometimes due to lack of decision making incorrect data and bugs remain in the memory.

Rahu and Ketu are the master antivirus that eclipse the Sun and the Moon and the celestial panel to do a master reset. That is why this process and events during and subsequent to the eclipse are painful, scary, cathartic. The eclipse happens to do a forceful purge of anything that is not required. I pray to Lord Rahu and Lord Ketu for being the masterful surgeons who do the Job without prejudice.



My Duty:

If you think the so called Pandemic is the worst you have seen.. Let me tell you.. You haven’t Seen Anything yet.

2023 brings it WARD-F

If you have still not aborted old ways you will be forced to change or be eliminated.



How to Get the best out of eclipse:

See the following two dhyan (contemplation Mantras). Thinking of them and chanting any 1 of them for 11 times will get you protection and also some insights. If you have a teacher/ priest or Acharaya to help you chant this that would be a double bonus:

तमोमय महाभीम सोमसूर्यविमर्दन।

हेमताराप्रदानेन मम शान्तिप्रदो भव॥१॥

Tamomaya Mahabhima Somasuryavimardana।

Hematarapradanena Mama Shantiprado Bhava॥1॥

श्लोक अर्थ - अन्धकाररूप महाभीम चन्द्र-सूर्य का मर्दन करने वाले राहु! सुवर्णतारा दान से मुझे शान्ति प्रदान करें।


विधुन्तुद नमस्तुभ्यं सिंहिकानन्दनाच्युत।

दानेनानेन नागस्य रक्ष मां वेधजाद्भयात्॥२॥

Vidhuntuda Namastubhyam Simhikanandanachyuta।

Danenanena Nagasya Raksha Mam Vedhajadbhayat॥2॥

श्लोक अर्थ - सिंहिकानन्दन (पुत्र), अच्युत! हे विधुन्तुद, नाग के इस दान से ग्रहणजनित भय से मेरी रक्षा करो।


Also Best Wishes for Guru Purab and Loy Krathong.

Loy Krathong is a Thailand national celebration to Buddha and it's marked on the full moon in November as a ceremony to release all your wrong desires and bad deeds for Buddha to carry away from you.

I pray that Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and all positive energies are with you today. Don't forget to honour the two mighty ones- They help you forget stupid innane stuff and more importantly makes you remember stupid inane stuff and make you forget the important stuff.

Choose wisely and pray to them to let you remember what is important.

That is the only way to escape the STAB COT

Jai Shri Ram

Jai Rahu Bhagwan

Jai Ketu Bhagwan

Badam Khane Se Buddhi Nahi Aati

Thokar Khane se Aati Hai

Thokar Hi Sarv Shresth Guru Hai



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Don't float some useless copper coins in the river and call it Indian Astrology. Read Above, Implement, FLY

Today Listen and See this Song:

And notice the number of Vessels/ Kalash the lovely damsel balances on her Head

Wake Up.

Contemplation: How can others follow you when you do not follow yourself.


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May you be happy, healthy and protected! – Guruji Shrii Arnav


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