Natural Unheated White Sapphire GU0552040WS

  • WT.(Carats) 2.0400
  • Price/Carat $800.00
  • Total Price $1,632.00
  • Color: Top Flawless Colorless White
  • Country of Origin : Madagascar
  • Shape & Cut: Rectangle
  • Size (LxWxH) in mm: 7.91*6.53*3.26

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Gemologist Notes

A brilliant opportunity to own a flawless treasure from Mother Earth.

Top quality unheated colourless True White Sapphire with no tints from this lot

Like the sparkling waters of a mountain stream - Clear, super lustrous and flawless. Behold this absolutely stunning rare white sapphire from Sri Lanka. Colorless corundum at its best!

True White Sapphire with no tints is very hard to come by especially at these prices. This has been possible as these Sapphires were cut from our own roughs.

Pristine White Shade that that touches you at a soul level. The cut is scintillating and precise and you shall see the remarkable Shiny lustre. The play of Light makes it glitter like a Diamond and the beauty of nature just mesmerizes you.

Optimum Carat white and their Saatvik(Pure Nature) make them the ideal Jyotish Gemstones of Venus the planet of wealth, luxury, beauty and abundance. This White Sapphire possesses the power to shower you with the choicest Venus Blessings.

Every single White Sapphire has been selected as per the Jyotish Gemstones Therapy™ a copyrighted process exclusive to Gemstoneuniverse wherein a Gem has to qualify on 69 highly specialized parameters to be classified as a Jyotish Gemstone.

Energized and consecrated with Sri Lakshminarayan Pooja and full fledged Vedic Shukra Shodashopachar pooja these White Sapphires will give the finest results of Venus the planet of wealth, luxury and beauty.


Are you sure you are really buying a White Sapphire & Not a tinted Sapphire

Get ready for best results.

This is a responsibly sourced, ethically mined, conflict Free Gemstone

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These Photographs have been taken at a very high magnification of 30X and most of the marks are not visible/ least visible to the naked eye on the actual Gem. Please view, for a better assessment of the Gem Features the video before your important purchase.

The marks that are sometimes visible on Corals are nature's fingerprint. These are different for every single Natural Red Coral. These marks in no way affect the potency of the gemstone, and will not be visible/ least visible when we set the gem in a ring or pendant. You are viewing a Red Coral that makes it to top 2% Red Corals in the world in terms of its availability and the 4C’s of cut, color ,clarity, carat weight besides lack of any treatment.