Regarding Gemstones-Quality, Price, Inclusions etc

Regarding Gemstones-Quality, Price, Inclusions etc

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1 Does shape of gem matter in terms of the results it gives?

No the gem has to be Jyotish quality to give results. It can be any shape, the results will not vary if it is Jyotish Quality. Go for a shape and cut which appeals to you most.

What is Jyotish Quality:

What is Jyotish Gemstone

2 Do you provide gemstones for trial?
No, unless and until our experts feel that it is required due to some special planetary consideration we do not give gemstones for trial.
3 Do you provide gemstones for trial?
No, unless and until our experts feel that it is required due to some special planetary consideration we do not give gemstones for trial.
4 Which is more effective a lower weight gemstone with a higher price per carat or a higher weight gem with a lower price per carat?
A lower weight gemstone with a higher price per carat will be more effective as it will be better quality on all 4 C’s of cut, color, clarity and carat weight.
5 Does origin of the gem matter in terms of the results it gives?

No the origin does not matter. What matters is that the gemstone has to be Jyotish Quality. If a Gem has qualified to be Jyotish Quality, it shall give results regardless of the origin. There is no truth in statements such as a Colombian Emerald will be more effective than a Zambian One. What matters is that the Gemstone is Jyotish Quality.

Gemstone Origin and Astrological Impact

What is Jyotish Gemstone

6 What is the difference between Jyotish gemstones and the gems generally available in the market?

To identify a Jyotish Gemstone requires expertise, education and practice, which is not available in the market. Treated and heated gemstones are not Jyotish Gemstones, which is obvious, but there is no guarantee that even if the gem is untreated and natural it is Jyotish Quality. Only Jyotish Quality Gems give results. The links below shall explain in detail the value of this information.

What is Jyotish Quality?

Pretty Baubles or Gemstones – What you think is the cheapest is the most expensive & the most useless!

The Gemstone Pyramid and the truth about Indian Taste Ka Ghatiya Maal

Dangerous, Incorrect Assumptions - A sure shot method for Gem therapy Failure


Nowadays, 98% of the traditional market gemstones are subjected to treatments, which include color enhancing by heat, radiations or diffusion, dyeing and fracture filling for cosmetic improvement. Jyotish gemstones are of higher quality in all parameters than the gemstones that are available at the local jewellery store.

Besides who is handling your Jyotish Gemstones and under what circumstances is but one of the factor involved in correct gemstone therapy.

7 I just want to be sure that I am not using a pre used Gemstone?
Sometimes with flawless processes such as the lifetime buyback guarantee and fantastic results comes a fertile imagination too. It is but a valid question. As per sacred tenets of Gemology a single consecrated gem can be used by a loved one or a blood relative. Once a Gem is sold and returned it is never listed back at Gemstoneuniverse online inventory of Jyotish Gemstones. Each single product that we ship out is digitally-catalogued. You can browse real time figures and statistics of more than a 1000 finished pieces on the Gemstoneuniverse blog. A returned gemstone will make it back to Gemstoneuniverse buying division to be sold for Jewellery or investment but it will NOT make it again to the Gemstoneuniverse online inventory. Note: As of 27th August 2012, our return rate is less than .5%. Individuals who have implemented the Gem therapy as per the process listed above and the guidelines given by Guruji Shrii Arnav have enjoyed the benefits and appreciated their gemstones. In majority of the refund cases we have seen that the individual has bought the gemstone but has not sought prior Vedic Recommendation from us which actually should be the first step towards choosing a Vedic Gemstone.
8 Can I come and visit your gallery personally to choose my gemstone?

Yes you are welcome. Please click the link below for location details and operating hours:

Contacts Us

9 Can you send me more photos of a Gem I like?

Quite frankly due to the quantum of work that we do we not have the resources to accommodate these requests. Gem Photography is not like ordinary photography and the photographs you view at Gemstoneuniverse website are the highest professional quality as per a Gemologists standard and requirement. For more information about the quality of Pictures, please click the link below:

2D is passé!-Look out for the Talisman Videos Now

10 Do you sell Khooni Neelam/ Raktambar Neelam/ Tiger eye and other similar questions?
11 How do I know if there are any flaws in the gemstone?

There is a lot of difference between flaws and inclusions. Inclusions are the birth marks of a Gemstone and often are the definitive markers whether a Gemstone has been treated or not. To be able to identify flaws or inclusions such as silk (a characteristic inclusion) in unheated sapphires you would need quality education, information, real time working and examination with numerous sample gemstones. In other words, you would have to be a gemmologist. From our side we can assure you as the Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology every single gemstone that makes it to the Gemstoneuniverse inventory is a Jyotish Quality Gemstone free from any flaws as listed in the sacred texts.

What is Jyotish Gemstone

12 I have a Gem will you make a ring for me?
No, we make rings/ pendants for only Jyotish Gemstones as listed on the Gemstoneuniverse website.
13 Why are gemstones so expensive?

Real Gemstones are valuable and cheap stones are worthless, you need to be able to identify a Gemstone from a stone.Please follow the links below to get authoritative information about the pricing of colored gemstones and the market conditions. At the time of compilation and revision of the FAQ section ( 05th August 2012), the least priced Sapphire at the Gemstoneuniverse website is $477( INR 26,428) and the highest priced Sapphire is $17436( INR 9,61,055/-).

Gem price per carat - The definitive guide to put correct Gem prices like a professional

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Pretty Baubles or Gemstones – What you think is the cheapest is the most expensive & the most useless!

14 How do I clean my Gemstones?

For cleaning of your Gemstone ring and pendant please click here.

15 Are the Gemstones you sell are real, unheated, untreated and who does the certification?

For full details please click the link below:

Gem Certification

16 How Do I know the Gemstones are treated or otherwise?

To be able to gemstone treatments you would need quality education, information, real time working and examination with numerous sample gemstones. In other words, you would have to be a gemmologist. From our side we can assure you as the Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology every single gemstone that makes it to the Gemstoneuniverse inventory is a Jyotish Quality Gemstone free from any flaws as listed in the sacred texts. You would need to depend on the certification from a accredited gem lab stating that the gem is free from any enhancing treatment. For details on certification please click the link below:

Gem Certification

17 What the marks inside my gemstone?
What you are referring to as marks are called as Inclusions in Gemology terms and indicates that the gem is free from any treatment that is done particularly to increase clarity. For example the common inclusions in Sapphires are: Silk - fine fibres of titanium dioxide (rutile) or other minerals that resemble the look of silk. Well-formed silk indicates that the sapphire underwent no heat-treatment and is of natural origin. Silk is a preferred inclusion in sapphires. Silk can be dissolved by heating. Needles - long, thin inclusions of either crystals, or tubes filled with gas or liquid (growth tubes) Feather-like inclusions also known as fractures or fissures Parting - breakage along a plane of weakness Twinning - two crystals grown out of one another or next to each other Just like some of the ones listed above, there are several other inclusions and require specialized information and education to identify.
18 What is the clarity Level of the Gem how do I know?

The first basic thing is to use your eyes and view the picture and the video ( if any) with concentration. For our take on clarity levels and system please access the link below:

If we follow GIA clarity grade system for colored gemstones each single piece of Gemstone from our online inventory at would return from the LAB as IF, VVS or VS but we don't attach these grades to our gemstones for this system that does not carry a universal sanction.

19 Will the intensity of the color of gem make any difference in the results?
The higher the saturation of color the better the results.
20 I feel attracted to a particular gemstone (Emerald/ Sapphires/ etc) can I just purchase them without any consultation.
Jyotish Gemstones are very powerful and have a profound impact on your body, mind and energy system. In our opinion, you should not wear a Jyotish Gemstone without a consultation. You may however wear ordinary gemstones available in the market sold as finished jewellery.
21 Do you think I can opt for a lesser priced gem which has 70% efficiency rather than buy a expensive gemstone?

If you are wearing a Jyotish Gemstone than it is 100% effective. If it is not a Jyotish Gemstone than it is not effective!. There is no gemstone that is 10,20,50 0r 70 percent effective. This assumption is incorrect and you can read more about it in detail at the link given below:


22 How much effective are semi precious gemstones as compared to the Primary Nine Gemstones?

Detailed answer to this question can be found at the link given below:

what are upratnas semi precious gemstones super alternative gemstones do they work astrologically

23 What is so special in a Jyotish Quality Emerald?
24 How to choose a Vedic Gemstone/ How to avoid the flaws in a Jyotish Gemstone?

Detailed answer to this question can be found at the link given below:

How to choose a Vedic Gemstone/ Flaws to avoid in a Jyotish Gemstone

25 Why is the price of Natural, Unheated Gem Quality rubies so high? Is it true that a 4 carat Natural Ruby can be around $30000 per carat?

Please find your answer at the link given below:

Rubies – Soon to be Stuff of Legends & a New royal Lot

26 I notice that my Cat’s Eye is rough underneath. Is this normal?

Cat’s Eye is cut in such a manner so that it exhibits Chatoyancy. More information on the same can be accessed at the link given below:

27 Can I wear South Sea Pearl, keshi Pearl, Burma Pearl?

All these are fancy misnomers for cultured or synthetic pearls. They shall not work for Astrological Purposes. Details of the same can be accessed at the link given below:

Guard yourself against Useless Fake Pearls for Jyotish Gemstone Therapy-Don’t deceive yourself. Keshi Pearls, South Sea Pearls & Chinese Pearl are cultured and Non Natural Pearls.

28 I want a 7 carat Blue Sapphire/ Any other Fancy Demand?

We would be more than willing to help you in your endeavour to find your gemstone. However if such a Gemstone is not listed in the online inventory at Gemstoneuniverse then in that case you would need to make a deposit. For details please click the link below:

29 I am having a difficult time choosing the right gemstone from the inventory. Can you help?

The world of Gemstones is very expansive. As the number of parameters of comparison shall increase so will increase the complexity. Please follow step system approach given at the link below to reduce the confusion. As per the statistical information we have this approach gives the best results.

Six steps to choose a gemstone

30 I am interested in Planetary Gem therapy and would like a start. Do you have cheaper options?
31 Do you think I am getting the best price?

Absolutely, in fact if you have the skill sets you can buy from us and sell to vendors and not end users and book a profit. Nowhere you shall get this sheer range of only Jyotish Gemstones , Quality and this price. We are able to do it because of reasons listed at the links below:

Gem certification

Buying division

32 What should be the budget of my gemstone?
The first and foremost criteria are to ensure that the gemstone is astrologically flawless and has the energy to give potent results and solutions in life. Besides the conventional gemstone judging parameters of cut, color, clarity, lustre and carat weight you should first aim that your gemstone is astrologically appropriate as described in the sacred texts. All gemstones in the gemstone vault here at Gemstone Universe are first judged by their Astrological potency. You should buy the best quality that you can afford without any financial pressure.
33 What are gem treatments? Is it true that treated gemstones are ineffective?

Treatments can be broadly classified as ethical treatments and non-ethical treatments. Treatments done to stabilize gem color such as heating without any elements is an ethical treatment provided it is disclosed at the time of the sale. This particular heat treatment is considered acceptable as it mimics a process that occurs in nature. As per the policy of ethical disclosure any treatment should be clearly explained to the customer before the closure of the sale.

Treatments done to modify gemstone appearance to sell at a higher price is an unethical treatment. For examples Sapphires treated with Beryllium or Emeralds treated with Green dye and sold as untreated are unethical treatments. When the above conditions operate the gemstone is minimally effective and in some cases it is not effective at all. Natural, Untreated gemstones come at a premium price.

34 Are synthetic gemstones effective?

In a single word, NO. They may be used for Jewellery and cosmetic purposes but they have no planetary value. As per the PGA code of ethics individuals dealing in synthetics are in the PGA off list. You can access this list here PGA OFF List.

35 I got my ring and observed it in Sunlight. I feel that there is crack in my gemstone?

At the very outset we would like to clarify two things:

1) Before the gem is set in a ring/ pendant it is sent for certification. If the gemstone has any crack the gemstone is not certified.

2) After the gemstone is set it is sent for appraisal. If the gemstone has any damage or crack then it is not appraised.

Blue Sapphire is made of Aluminium Oxide. What you are seeing and what is appearing to you as a crack is: Silk - three directional needles of rutile intersecting at 60° / 120°; Needles of boehmite intersecting at almost 90°; Needles of ilmenite etc and Parallel polysynthetic twin lamellae that give that optical phenomena that is appearing as a crack.

Please understand that if there was a crack the gemstone would not have been certified or appraised.

Please wear your gemstone with confidence.

Your Gemstone ring/ Pendant goes through stringent Quality controls before it is shipped. Please do not get confused and take inclusions as cracks.

36 Do you sell tektite/ agate/ xyz?
We do not sell anything except what is listed on our website or has been recommended by us.
37 My question is not listed here.

Please send an e mail to and if it is a valid question we shall try to get back to you in 1 business day if you are an existing patron or in 3-5 business days. You can call us during office hours. Details can be accessed at the link below:

Contact Us

38 How often does new inventory get uploaded?

There is no periodicity in upload of new inventory. Real natural Gemstones are rare and Jyotish Gemstones are even rarer. We are devoted to the sacred science of Planetary Gem therapy and to keep result oriented flawless gem therapy we list only Jyotish Gems. The criteria for a Gem to be Jyotish Gem are very strict and very few gemstones make the cut as Jyotish Quality. Even though we have thousands of Gems at our buying division we only list those that are Jyotish Quality and not just any gem.

Please visit Gemstoneuniverse Buying division to assess the quantum of inventory that we carry:

Buying Division

Please visit the link below for Jyotish Quality Gemstones. Gem therapy works with only Jyotish Quality Gemstones.

What is Jyotish Gemstone

Natural and untreated does not essentially mean that the Gem is Jyotish Quality. For more information please visit the link for more information

Natural, Untreated, Expensive Gemstone and Still not Jyotish Quality!

Each Gem listed on Gemstoneuniverse is a true Jyotish Gemstone with a promise to deliver results as per Planetary Gem therapy.

39 Why does the certificate not mention specific gravity/ Refractive index/ fully natural untreated gem/ any other data?

All Gem Labs in the world have their own formats for certifying a Gem.

In any standard Gemstone certification worldwide 5/6 pieces of Information are the most vital.

1) Identification of the Gemstone Family such as Ruby or Sapphire (this is done by determining many factors such as Refractive index, specific gravity etc and this academic data is standard for all gemstones hence RI/ SG are not mentioned as this uniform data is available in all Gem Tables and if this academic data is also reported in the certificate then there will be no space for the most vital data).

2) Cut 3) Weight 4) Measurements of the Gem 5) Colour 6) Remarks about Treatment if any. The word natural by convention is only used for Untreated Gemstones.

Why a particular lab uses a particular set of language and why other does not use the same language (In Gemological Terms they mean one and the same thing) is not under our control. If you have an issue with a particular certificate then do not purchase that Gem and choose a Gem whose certification is more acceptable to you. For this you should get directly in touch with the lab. For more information on the same please click here.

For the Value we bring to the Certification process please click here.

40 Discounts

I am buying a very expensive Gemstone/s. My whole family has bought Gemstones from you. Can you offer me a discount-and other similar queries?

Thank you for your interest. Since 1996 at Astro Journey and Gemstoneuniverse we have never offered discounts, promotions, sales offers etc. What we believe in is providing sheer unmatched price, quality and value and the best professionals in the Gem field negotiate for you. We call this as the unmatched price policy and should you want to know more about in detail please click here.

However if in a single transaction your order value is exceeding INR 7 Lakhs/ USD($10,000/-) and above please send us a email and we shall evaluate what is the best we can do. This is for fresh transaction/ single transaction only and does not include past purchases or purchases made earlier by family or friends.

41 A few days back I was seeing a Gemstone at a particular price. Today when I saw browsing I am seeing a slight price increase? Why is that? You have stated on portal that once a Gem is listed its price is never changed?

As per Gemstoneuniverse promise and tradition followed for 23 years once a Gem is listed at a particular price we never change the price however extraordinary the situation economic or otherwise.( Please note that sometimes slight price changes occur due to real time currency movement and exchange rates as mandated by the RBI( Reserve Bank of India). We have no control over this. From our side there is one universal price worldwide.

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