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    Dear Viewer, It takes tremendous amount of courage, strength of character, grace and fortitude to share a personal life experience with Full Name, Designation and/or other identifiable information. Most of these gracious Individuals featured here have done just that ranging from a Peon to a Country Head of a fortune 500 company. These individuals are light workers and a share may change another life.
    We request you to respect their privacy & not send them unnecessary messages or friend requests on social media etc. If you feel a need to do that despite 3500 high quality life changing articles supported by 10,000 images & Videos over 23 years on Gemstoneuniverse, you are NOT ready to be benefited yet from either Gem therapy, Astrology, Spiritual advice, life coaching or Gemstoneuniverse. Please start your journey by clicking here.
    If you are an existing Gemstoneuniverse patron who landed up on this page we request you to share your journey. You never know your words may change a life-AND IT WILL MEAN A LOT!
    Thank You,
    Team Gemstoneuniverse
    Abhijita Kulshrestha Senior Director & Astro Gemologist-Gemstoneuniverse
    Abhijita Kulshrestha Senior Director & Astro Gemologist-Gemstoneuniverse was interviewed by the Nomad on TNN24-Thai Television during the 59th Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Fair in February 2017. Here are some important excerpts of the interview that was telecast on the Nomad


    Ankur Rana-COO
    Ankur Rana, COO of Knowledge Momentum Shares how Jyotish Gemstone Emerald & Accurate Astrological Gem Recommendation bought out success in career, personal & professional life. Connect with Gemstoneuniverse today for your personal reading & powerful Jyotish Gemstones.
    Dr. Varun Rajput - Senior Physiotherapist at Manipal Hospital Bangalore
    Dr. Varun Rajput is a Senior Physiotherapist specializing in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at Manipal Hospital Bangalore. He speaks about his experience of wearing Red Garnet an Upratna for Ruby.

    Gem therapy works with Real Gemstones that get classified as True Jyotish Gemstones and Upratnas have a very powerful impact sometimes even more than Navaratna Gemstones. Hear his experience.

    Dr. Meenal Rathi - Physician
    Dr. Meenal Rathi is a practising Physician. Here she shares her journey with Gemstones and Gemstoneuniverse. With 30,000 documented case studies and more than 2,00,000 recommendations are you ready to experience these sacred Jyotish Gemstones that can create a profound impact on your life. Experience Gemstoneuniverse. Change to CHANGE.
    Anya P - Interpreter, Teacher Artist
    Anya from New York Shares her experience about wearing Astrological Gemstones & Impact of pure Jyotish Gemstones & Gemstoneuniverse. Connect with us today for a life changing experience. Its time to get to the next level in your life
    Kalki Koechlin-Internationally Acclaimed National Award Winner Actress
    Internationally Acclaimed National Award Winner Actress- Kalki Koechlin has a special message for all Gemstoneuniverse viewers, fans and patrons.
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    Our Archives :


    Karen and Dennisfrom Miami-USA

    Submitted On: 2020-05-23 10:57:12

    “ Last 3 years both of us have been battered as if we have been hit by a mack truck. When We found Guruji's article on FB I felt that there was a ray of hope. However, both of us were not in a mental state to let alone take a decision even contemplate about it. Followed Gemstoneuniverse on FB and whenever there was a message from Guruji or Abhijita Ma'am felt that was touching a chord deep inside and calling out to just"US". Finally after 8 months took the leap of faith and ordered a Gem Report. Guruji Did not suggest any Gems for Karen but instead recommended to do a Affirmation with some sacred added sounds daily that were non religious and spiritual for exactly 7 minutes. Her report was refunded and she was also offered to get in touch with Abhijita Ma'am to get the sounds correctly in case she wanted go ahead with the practice. I was suggested to wear a low dose Emerald of 1-1.25 carats only in the neck as pendant in silver. Our recovery, energy, outlook to life, hopefulness has had a near miraculous recovery. Our wounds are healing and once again we have started to go out of the house( We were confined to our home for nearly 15 months) rarely going out except for bare necessities. Again started to enjoy the park and walking/ slight jogging. I, Dennis have got my focus back and started my practice & now actively pursuing my career in this WFH situation. After taking permission from Dear Guruji I also started the sacred affirmation practice and it has had a powerful impact on my mental and spiritual state. Thank you to whole team of Gemstoneuniverse and many thanks for the Kind Soul-Abhijita Ma'am who graciously held our hand in the time of despair. ”


    Submitted On: 2020-05-10 10:20:56

    “ Was eagerly waiting for the lockdown to end to collect my Blue Sapphire and Emerald ring. Stunningly gorgeous and what a pleasure it was to meet Mr. Johnson and Shashi. Both very soft spoken and genial gentlemen. They were apologetic to serve the coffee is disposable paper cups but informed that it was being done for safety purposes. More than happy and wish Gemstoneuniverse well ”

    Sandeep Satabdifrom Noida, New Delhi, India

    Submitted On: 2020-04-24 08:26:07

    “ Thank you for the excellent support provided by Mr. Johnson and Shashi. Got the Blessings of Sri Guruji in form of the gem recommendation and hope to get my gemstones soon after the lock down. Confirmation and communication was lightening fast. Really appreciate the patience of Mr. Johnson and wish you all good luck and blessings. We all enjoy your FB posts. ”


    Submitted On: 2020-04-08 12:17:49

    “ Dear Gemstone universe, Thank you very much for the detailed response. I will certainly be following the Mahurata date and time, and I want to thank you for providing me with the gems I have, as I can feel the difference from when I was wearing them and when I took them off. Kudos to you guys and your entire team for all your work. Keep up the great work. Regards, Khadija ”

    GSKfrom New Delhi, India

    Submitted On: 2020-04-06 13:39:23

    “ Dear Raghav Hawa Ji Gem Stone Universe. 06th April’ 2020. Good Afternoon. I’m writing mail after almost 10-months now. Based on your kind suggestion of wearing the Cat’s eye & Diamond, I’m wearing the both gemstones. Personally, by God’s will & grace, things have changed & gave me strength to move on. Just as a recap, I lost my Job in Aug’2018, and since then I was @ home . In March’19, I ordered Cat’s eye based on Comprehensive Gem Report. Next day (by God’s graces) the blocked issues started getting unlocked. After a week I got an interview call from an Indian MNC & started working from 30 September’ 2019. As on march month, I’ve completed 6-months in company & want to move ahead with your suggestion of wearing an Emerald. My Report No is :******** ”

    A Fanfrom Bangalore, India

    Submitted On: 2020-04-06 03:17:26

    “ Exemplary support provided by the Gemstoneuniverse team during this Corona time. Had a very good online consultation with Abhi Ma'am. Post that I selected some Gemstones online and had some queries. Mr. Keshavan- What a man-Explained each and every aspect like a professional and was friendly and easy going. The ring sizer was sent to me in flat 4 hours. What was impressive is how the contactless delivery was organized. Got the Covid-19 prevention booklet from them that had great practical tips- That is an example for many business's to follow. Payment was a breeze too and now excitedly waiting for my ring. Would like to personally visit them to collect my ring. Also a special thank you for the inspiring posts on FB. Hearing Guruji and Abhijita Madam's messages were the highlights. Hope this phase ends soon and that everyone is safe. Also appreciate the fact that they have clearly put the information about expected delays with reasons and subsequent steps right at the top of every page on the website. That itself speaks a lot of their commitment and transparency-They are solid! ”

    Olivia A-GG-GIAfrom New York, USA

    Submitted On: 2020-03-26 14:12:25

    “ Hello, I hope to reach the right person with my message. I found you when searching for Emerald rings on Instagram and then discovered your website and your Facebook page around 2 months back. I am following your page for last 2 months and I find your content inspirational and informative. I loved the posts especially images and information from the Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show and now your posts in current times. Recently you featured one of your staff Ms. Banu and I was very excited and moved by what you shared about her. For your information I am a fresh( Newbie and Eager :) ) GG from GIA and I found so many interesting as well as exciting articles on your website. Guruji’s blog with his photo with Richard Hughes, with the tag line The Aim of every war is peace-kindles the adventurer in the fresh Gemologist like me. I am currently in New York and I am sure that you are well aware of the COVID-19 situation here. I am using my time here in isolation to read up as much as possible and polish my skills. Not many real gems to practice with though and no retail stores to visit at present time. 4 days back I heard Guruji Arnav’s message about Coronavirus and was so moved by it. The words, his voice-magical but at the same time clear, reassuring. I felt as If he was speaking to me personally. I have shared his beautiful and scientific message to my friends and family. Today I saw Ms. Abhijita’s Message and was again moved at a heart level( maybe isolation and current situation contributes to that). She was so gentle, soft-spoken and gave a message of hope. I want Guruji Shrii Arnav’s Book-The Secrets of Jyotish Gems. I want to explore this subject further. I searched Amazon but it’s not available here in the US and In Amazon India they are not shipping the book here. Is there a way I can get the book? I would also like to know if I can work in some capacity-part time for you here in New York. If that is possible do let me know and I can share my resume and also can speak with the concerned person on a Video call. I really want to be a part of an exciting project & Team. I did take an outside chance and sent Guruji a friend request :) , but I am aware that is unlikely to happen. Thank you for inspiring me as a Human and as a Gemologist Best Olivia. ”

    Barbarafrom Boulder,Colorado,USA

    Submitted On: 2020-03-11 17:50:41

    “ Dear Friends, Thank you so much for these instructions. I followed them and am now wearing my beautiful and powerful ring. I have a sweet story about preparing for the ring puja. It is winter here--no flowers on trees or bushes, just occasionally a small flower coming from the ground. I had not seen a flower in my garden yet, but this morning I went to look for a flower. I looked and looked--no flower. Finally, I asked God if there was a flower that would like to be part of my puja for my ring, and on the last place I looked, there was a tiny grape hyacinth bud. I asked permission from the flower and from God to bring the bud inside, to be part of my puja, and brought it to the ring. with love and gratitude, Barbara ”

    Manojfrom Noida,India

    Submitted On: 2020-03-11 03:59:12

    “ Hello Sir, I received the package. Even though mine was a very small order you made me feel as if my order was the most important thing you were working on. I am very satisfied and happy with all my interaction with Gemstoneuniverse. ”


    Submitted On: 2020-02-27 02:34:16

    “ I am very excited to see my beautiful Amethyst Ring. With the ancient Saturn symbols it looks exotic and the beauty and the colour of the stone just stands out. Kindly convey my compliments and regards to the artisan who made my ring. Special thanks also to the packaging department who had packed my ring and other documents to perfection. Can't wait to wear it on the date conveyed by you! ”

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