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    Abhijita Kulshrestha Senior Director & Astro Gemologist-Gemstoneuniverse
    Abhijita Kulshrestha Senior Director & Astro Gemologist-Gemstoneuniverse was interviewed by the Nomad on TNN24-Thai Television during the 59th Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Fair in February 2017. Here are some important excerpts of the interview that was telecast on the Nomad


    Ankur Rana-COO
    Ankur Rana, COO of Knowledge Momentum Shares how Jyotish Gemstone Emerald & Accurate Astrological Gem Recommendation bought out success in career, personal & professional life. Connect with Gemstoneuniverse today for your personal reading & powerful Jyotish Gemstones.
    Dr. Varun Rajput - Senior Physiotherapist at Manipal Hospital Bangalore
    Dr. Varun Rajput is a Senior Physiotherapist specializing in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at Manipal Hospital Bangalore. He speaks about his experience of wearing Red Garnet an Upratna for Ruby.

    Gem therapy works with Real Gemstones that get classified as True Jyotish Gemstones and Upratnas have a very powerful impact sometimes even more than Navaratna Gemstones. Hear his experience.

    Dr. Meenal Rathi - Physician
    Dr. Meenal Rathi is a practising Physician. Here she shares her journey with Gemstones and Gemstoneuniverse. With 30,000 documented case studies and more than 2,00,000 recommendations are you ready to experience these sacred Jyotish Gemstones that can create a profound impact on your life. Experience Gemstoneuniverse. Change to CHANGE.
    Anya P - Interpreter, Teacher Artist
    Anya from New York Shares her experience about wearing Astrological Gemstones & Impact of pure Jyotish Gemstones & Gemstoneuniverse. Connect with us today for a life changing experience. Its time to get to the next level in your life
    Kalki Koechlin-Internationally Acclaimed National Award Winner Actress
    Internationally Acclaimed National Award Winner Actress- Kalki Koechlin has a special message for all Gemstoneuniverse viewers, fans and patrons.
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    Our Archives :


    Jyoti Raghavfrom Ranchi, India

    Submitted On: 2019-02-16 07:43:57

    “ I am very pleased with the results of the Iolite and Hessonite combination. They have really suited me and I am thankful to you for providing such exceptional service and products ”

    P Singhfrom A Village Near Kanpur to Now B

    Submitted On: 2019-01-11 09:13:43

    “ I consulted Guruji Online via the Gem report in the final year of my MCA 6 years back and was advised an Emerald and a Hessonite. I come from a very humble background with very meager and limited resources but I had big dreams and full confidence in Astromandir, Guruji, Gemstoneuniverse and Gem therapy after reading the articles online. I started Gem therapy with the entry level upratna Peridot and Hessonite. In 6 years by the blessings of Jyotish Gemstones, Guruji, My parents and God I have grown substantially. Starting with a package of 3 lakhs per annum I am now drawing a package of 45 lakhs per annum in a period of 6 years. I have my own flat and Have also constructed a house for my parents in my village. In addition to being employed I am also consulting clients in US and UK. All this has been a dream come true given my humble background and I am a firm believer in the power of real Gemstones. Gemstoneuniverse has been my friend, philosopher and guide in this beautiful journey and I can never thank them enough. ”

    AKfrom India

    Submitted On: 2018-12-29 09:00:24

    “ Dear Respected Guruji and all Team at Gemstoneuniverse, I was bedridden for 8 months and had lost all hope in my life when I discovered Gemstoneuniverse online. My father consulted you in person by coming to Bangalore on my behalf and you kept me on Rudraksha Therapy for 3 months and did not advise any Gemstone. Post that I wore White coral pendant and Iolite in middle finger of right hand. Within a month of wearing Rudraksha I developed the will and strength to start walking small baby steps using a walker and support of my parents and brother. Today after 6 months of Rudraksha and Gem therapy I am happy to report that I am walking on my own two feet without a walker. Even though my movement is very slow the thrill to know that I was able to overcome my disability and will be able to walk again has done a world of wonders to my confidence. Thank you for your wonderful service and special thanks to Abhijita Di who told me with conviction that I would walk again. Her consultation and compassion bolstered my resolve. I would forever remain indebted to you. The whole team has become like my family in the past 8 months. ”


    Submitted On: 2018-12-19 08:26:53

    “ Hello Sir/Madam, I am very glad to inform you that my Amethyst started showing visible/noticeable results from 27th November. I started wearing Amethyst from 3rd November. From last 13 years, I am addicted to heavy smoking. But from 27th November, smoking count has reduced considerably without doing anything special. No special effort from my side. Almost 50% reduction. Before wearing Amethyst, my smoking was not in control. But now it’s in complete control. As Amethyst is a Upratna, I was expecting that it will take long time to get the results. I was expecting that my Diamond and White coral will give me results first and then my Amethyst will start showing results. But, I am glad that within such a short period of time I got good results from Amethyst and it is a pleasant surprise for me as well. Thanks a lot for providing such a wonderful Gemstone!!! As I mentioned above, I am waiting for the results from my “White Coral” and “Diamond”. From last one month, there is a heavy disturbance in my married life. Major conflicts with my In-laws as well. I am keeping a close eye on changes in myself and my surrounding. I will let you know once I notice any positive change due to “White Coral” and “Diamond”. Once again thanks a lot for your all help!!! Thanks. Regards, M ”

    HMfrom Bangalore, India

    Submitted On: 2018-12-15 10:23:37

    “ Within 2 weeks of wearing Blue Sapphire I got a new Job at Adobe India with 3 times Salary hike and package. I thank Abhijita Di and Gemstoneuniverse for being such a guiding positive force in my Life. ”

    Keshav RSfrom Bangalore, India

    Submitted On: 2018-11-05 07:50:46

    “ Discovery of Gemstoneuniverse website came at a critical time of my life and career. I am thankful and grateful for the great guidance and help at a difficult juncture of my life. I am happy to report that I got a job within 1 week of wearing Cat's Eye ring.Frankly speaking I kept my expectations low and was very surprised at the speed of breakthrough. Many Blessings and Best Wishes for the great service you are providing. ”

    Sridharan Iyerfrom LA,USA

    Submitted On: 2018-10-06 07:28:14

    “ The Rolls-Royce Standard in the field of Gemstones.I have been a regular buyer of Gemstoneuniverse products over a decade - that means repeat purchases. It happens with expensive items only if you find them meaningful and of value. I have. And i would recommend it to anyone looking for positive changes in life - it does not definitely mean overnight difference. But what i have achieved over the years and become as a human being - more patient, accommodating, more balanced and calmer is only due to what the energy of gemstones has done for me. I would highly recommend this organization any day ”

    L Ranjanfrom New Delhi, India

    Submitted On: 2018-09-29 07:25:58

    “ I sought Gem Therapy for my Nephew one year back. He was an underdeveloped teenager at 15 years with speech problems and stunted growth. He was advised to wear White Topaz and Peridot in a single combined pendant in silver and I am delighted to report substantial growth both physically as well as very good improvement in his speech and comprehension. Thank you Gemstoneuniverse for your wonderful services. ”

    Chinmaya D

    Submitted On: 2018-08-31 08:46:22

    “ Dear Sir, Today I have received my package. Pleasantly surprised and happy to see the super glittering and beautiful gems. They are so clear and the workmanship on the rings is first class. I can feel the power of this Jyotish Iolite and Peridot just by looking at my rings. I look forward to wearing my gems and get the results. Thank you once again, you are the best. ”

    PSfrom Delhi, India

    Submitted On: 2018-07-23 06:57:33

    “ I have worn Blue Sapphire & White Sapphire from Gemstoneuniverse as per the advice given in the Gem report. After wearing the Blue Sapphire many pending payments were released and I got peace of mind. I wore the White Sapphire on the morning of my PMP certification examination and by the blessings of God and Gemstones I have qualified with high marks. This adds a lot to my career profile. After seeing success first hand I have got Gem therapy implemented for my wife, mother and Father also. I thank Gemstoneuniverse which is providing such a great service with transparency and world class process. I wish them all the best and I am thankful to them for the new success and development in my career. ”

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