ARTICLES: Gemstoneuniverse Celebrating Unsung Heroes – Shariyar Mehkeri

Gemstoneuniverse Celebrating Unsung Heroes – Shariyar Mehkeri


Shariyar Mehkari, The Transporter, Gemstoneuniverse, Positively Unstoppable, Positively Gemstoneuniverse, Positively Cheerful

Shariyar Mehkeri, Project Coordinator – Gemstoneuniverse

“Positively Unstoppable, Positively Gemstoneuniverse, Positively Cheerful”

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This is Shariyar - our very own version of "The Transporter" albeit a better one. Shariyar's USP is that He can drive a car (He can drive a truck too) like an aeroplane & takes the phrase "In Just 5 minutes" to another level.

A Graduate in Electronics & Starting his career in sales at Maruti - Shariyar finally found HIS true calling in the world of Gems and Gemstoneuniverse.

He heads the logistics and shipping division at Gemstoneuniverse and is responsible that due diligence is done to ensure that your precious packages reach you in far corners of the Globe in immaculate condition. He also assists sometimes in the Cherished Gems choosing Journey by citing real life examples & anecdotes.

When patrons come visiting us personally at the Gemstoneuniverse Bangalore Boutique store and lose a sense of time admiring and choosing their gemstones despite reminding them that they have a flight to catch - The usual response is just 5 minutes. However, sometimes these 5 minutes are one two - too many and then we know that their personal chauffeur/driver or an Uber just won't cut it. That is where Shariyar dons his Transporter hat 1- and off they go - At the speed of the aeroplane. And during the journey when clients ask in how much time shall we reach- Shariyar's response is " In Just 5 Minutes" Some of you will attest -you have remembered your maker in that drive but you surely reached in time and safely. People from the west who love to try Indian food - for them Shariyar is the goto go Man.

Shariyar is Humble, Cheerful, Uncomplicated & Straightforward- Be like Shariyar. He also knows cars & automobiles like the back of his hand. Be it be beetles or BMW's, Maruti's or Lexus- He will happily talk with you for hours- So if you are an automobile fan, Shariyar is the one you connect to.

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