ARTICLES: Gemstoneuniverse Celebrating Unsung Heroes - Abhijita Kulshrestha

Gemstoneuniverse Celebrating Unsung Heroes - Abhijita Kulshrestha

Abhijita Kulshrestha, Light Worker - Gemstoneuniverse

Positively Unstoppable - Positively Gemstoneuniverse, Positively cheerful

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“Gemstoneuniverse graced by the cheerful & energetic presence of Baby Kiara in photograph here in the Lap of Senior Director, Astro Gemologist & Life Coach- Abhijita Kulshrestha”

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This is Abhijita. She meets everybody from the wee ones to the wise ones (elderly) with gratitude in her heart & a prayer on her lips. For some she is a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Teacher, Guru, A Life Changer & then for some - Just their special friend with whom we can share freely without being judged. Did you know that Abhijita was Ms. Super Brain of India 1999 in the competition success review? Mr. & Ms. Super Brain of India contest - One of the toughest competition's in India & that her first assignment as an investigative Journalist was a Crime Story in a High Risk - Riot Hit area that landed up on the front page of The Times of India. That requires some COURAGE. At Gemstoneuniverse she is a Light Worker and wears the triple hats of a Guide, Coach & the GOTO "Human"

in times when we just want somebody to listen & be heard. Abhijita is kind, soft spoken, understanding & forgiving. Be like Abhijita.

Abhijita Kulshrestha, is a Senior Director, Astrologer, Life Coach & Gemologist with Gemstoneuniverse. She is a PGA and GIA certified Astro-Gemologist with additional qualifications from prestigious institutions like SSEF .Abhijita is essentially a communication professional and holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism besides being a NLP practitioner. Prior to her soul-level engagement with the world of Vedic astrology, gemstones and association with Gemstoneuniverse, she had a long stint in 'word smithy’! She’s had professional stints at Mudra institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA); RK Swamy BBDO, Bangalore and Times of India. She is a published author at Huffingtonpost and Entrepreneur and has been featured in several international publications of repute. More.

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