ARTICLES: Can you wear multiple Saturn Gemstones for more benefits? - Blue Sapphire (Neelam), Iolite & Amethyst

Can you wear multiple Saturn Gemstones for more benefits? - Blue Sapphire (Neelam), Iolite & Amethyst

“If a person is already wearing a Saturn gemstone like Iolite, can he/she also wear a Blue Sapphire or Amethyst in the other hand?”

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Amethyst is a very gentle, healing and intuitive Gemstone that has an energy that can be classified as a loving and compassionate energy. If you are already wearing an Iolite then adding an Amethyst will not lead to conflict in energy patterns/overstimulation.

However, if the question was adding an extra Blue Sapphire or an Iolite a consideration of the birth chart would have become essential. (To know about a Vedic Gem Report, click here )

This question was asked to us by a Patron on one of our Social Media channels. A very good question indeed - It will surely benefit everyone.

Further delving into the case,

Our recommendation to the patron (in accordance to the birth chart) was to wear the Saturn gem in the middle finger of the ‘right’ hand (where the iolite ring sits right now).

“Will wearing an amethyst ring on the middle finger of the ‘left’ hand still bring favourable results for harnessing Saturn energies? Or is wearing Saturn stones on the left hand will not be as effective as wearing them on the right hand?”

Why wear gemstones in Left Hand? With our huge collection of 3500+ articles for Astro-gemology, we are doing our best to get you the truth. However, we always get surprised by some unique propositions by our patrons.

For this special case, the patron could wear the gemstones in either hand.

And, one last question put up energetically:

“Is there a difference (from the astrological and healing properties perspective) between normal (neither too light nor too dark) violet/purple colour amethyst and very dark purple colour amethyst? How could you make sure that you’re buying the right gemstone? Is it true that for some gemstones the darker the colour is, more grounding effect it can have; whereas some other gemstones though, the darker colour might add to the intensity, making the gem more potent.”

This question intrigued me to put out the fact, I tell the patrons while picking up a gem: “You can choose a Gem colour that appeals to you at a gut level.” All Gemstones at Gemstoneuniverse are handpicked after clearing several criteria including the sacred shades. Any shade of a gem will have the same impact.

God Bless You - Stay Happy, Stay Blessed. Go find your dream & live your life. My best wishes and prayers are with you.


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