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    All about Pukhraj Stone

    Pukhraj (pushkaraj stone) Stone meaning/ Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Meaning: The Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is called as “Pukhraj” or "pukhraj ratna" in Hindi. The Pukhraj stone is ruled by planet Jupiter. This benevolent and kind planet is the ruler of the two important signs of the Zodiac- Sagittarius/ Dhanu and Pisces/ Meena. The Astrological signs in English are known as Rashi in Hindi hence Pukhraj stone is the Rashi Ratna for Dhanu and Meen Rashis of the Zodiac. The Pukhraj stone gives the blessings of divine Jupiter to its wearer.

    Who can wear Pukhraj (pushkaraj stone) Stone: Jupiter is a benefic planet and Yellow Sapphire is a powerful gemstone. In general people with Sagittarius and Pisces Moon sign can wear Yellow Sapphire. For a more rewarding and result oriented Gem Recommendation one has to analyse the posited of Jupiter/ Guru in the birth chart Horoscope. Detailed astrological combinations in which Pukhraj Gemstone is advised can be found here.

    Pukhraj Stone (pushkaraj stone) Price Per ratti/ per carat: The most important factor in the 4C’s that determine Pukhraj Stone Price is the colour. The more pure the color with desired tone and saturation the higher the price. For a comprehensive and detailed guide to Pukhraj Stone Price please click here. Good quality Gemstones that are at the apex of the Gem Pyramid are not traded in rattis but carats and for detailed reasons please click here.

    Pukhraj Gemstone (pukhraj ratna) Benefits: Since Pukhraj is the gemstone of Jupiter the Guru of the Devtas it blesses its wearer with wisdom, knowledge, high moral values, auspicious wealth and good health amongst many other things. Since it is the significator of Husband in a Female’s chart the Gemstone of Jupiter Blesses the wearer with Deergha Mangalya Balam- the Yoga that confers a happy, long, auspicious married life. For the most comprehensive top 10 Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Please click here.

    Pukhraj Stone (pushkaraj stone) Benefits and Test

    India is the largest consumer of commercial quality poor quality treated Pukhraj stones that are at the bottom of the Gem Pyramid and not advised for Astrological Purposes. The so called milk test and sunlight test are inconclusive poor tests that are not scientific. The most common treatments in Pukhraj stone are heat treatment and dyeing treatment. For heat test and for fading test to check dyeing it is important to get the Pukhraj stone tested at a reputed and an accredited Gemstone lab that has the equipment and the expertise to detect these treatments. For Astrology purposes only the finest, natural and untreated Gemstones should be used as flawed gemstones cause problems in life.

    Get the Finest Untreated Pukhraj Gemstones at Gemstoneuniverse

    Get the Finest Untreated Pukhraj Gemstones at Gemstoneuniverse

    You can get the finest Pukhraj Stones online in India at Gemstoneuniverse. Certified by the top Labs in the world these certified Pukhraj gemstones are most auspicious and picked by the best gemstone experts who have the highest knowledge in the field of Jyotish Gemstones.

    GIA certified Pukhraj Stone Gemstoneuniverse

    GIA certified Pukhraj Stone Gemstoneuniverse. Click on the image to see the bigger image of the certificate

    Pushkaraj Stone Ring / Pukhraj Stone Ring

    The Pukhraj stone ring should be worn in the Index finger also called as Tarjani in Sanskrit. For more details please click here. In Exceptional cases it is also sometimes advised in the ring finger.

    Pukhraj Stone ring

    A Fine Pukhraj Stone Ring. Click on the image for a larger Picture

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