In Which Finger to wear Yellow Sapphire | Best finger for Wearing Pukhraj

In Which Finger to wear Yellow Sapphire | Best finger for Wearing Pukhraj

Palm Diagram marking the Index finger and the ring finger

Palm Diagram marking the Index finger and the ring finger

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Top Questions to Ask when buying Yellow Sapphire for Astrology Purposes

In which finger to wear Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj gemstone, Jupiter also known as Guru and Brihaspati is the Planet of Good Luck, Knowledge, Education and fortune. As per Vedic Astrologer it rules over the Gemstone known as Yellow Sapphire. Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is also called as Pukhraj and Pushyaraga amongst many other names.

In Which Finger to Wear Yellow Sapphire 

The Best Position to wear a Yellow Sapphire stone  is the index finger. The index finger also known as Tarjani in Sanskrit us ruled by Jupiter and the mount of Jupiter is just below the index finger.

In Certain exceptional Cases the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone can also be worn in the ring finger. The ring finger is ruled by a planet friendly to Jupiter- Sun. For more infomation, know the online price of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone,  in which finger to wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Best finger for Wearing Pukhraj

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in October 2013

Exceptional Ceylon Sapphire with magnificient Lustre the 2d Image does not Capture the brilliance have a look at the Video

Exceptional Ceylon Sapphire with magnificient Lustre the 2d Image does not Capture the brilliance have a look at the Video

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Natural Yellow Sapphire


3.28 carats


None. Fully Natural


Ratnapura-Sri Lanka

Planetary Energy


Patron Location

California, United States

All inclusive Price

$ 2362 / INR 146444


Featured today is a stunning Ceylon Yellow Sapphire with electric Lustre and Brilliance. Why is it a Jyotish Gemstone… Why are Jyotish Gemstones so special:-          Is it Beautiful? Absolutely, that is the first parameter to be a Gemstone and not a stone as per Gem Pyramid.

–          Is it Natural? Absolutely it is totally earth mined, unheated and untreated Yellow Sapphire.

–          Does it have a good Color? It is the Top Canary Yellow Shade Spread equally throughout the crystal.

–          Does it have good clarity? The clarity in this Yellow Sapphire is exceptional.  It is an eye clean gemstone. Even at 6x magnification in the video no inclusion is visible

–          Does it have a good carat weight? Good Gemstones above the weight of 2 carats make it to the grade of investment quality Gemstones provided the parameters listed above are met. It is a rock solid 3 carat.

–          Is it free from the flaws listed in the sacred texts? Yes, Absolutely. Extra attention is given to the sorting purpose to adhere to the strict criteria for Jyotish Quality Gemstones

Next Time you are wearing a Gemstone for Jyotish Purposes you should ask these questions while evaluating your cherished gemstone.

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  1. Ritesh says

    Hello sir,
    I am just wondering that can i wear pukhraj ring and pendent both, because of my work I need to remove ring sometimes, so if I wear both than I will have contineous benefits of the stone? is this acceptable?

  2. says

    If you have to remove the gemstone frequently due to the nature of your work it is best to have it in the Pendant form only. An additional ring is not of any benefit

  3. ajay says

    I have a pukrajh ring for index finger, but the ring is too tight, to index finger, can wear the ring in RING finger. And if I wear it to ring finger, we I’ll they be any drawback’s.

  4. Jay rajpurohit says

    Hello sir i am a left hand man i use left hand for writing, working and etc i use left hand because i am Lefty so i wear the pukraj ring in left hand index finger or not tell me

  5. Kulvinder says

    Hello sir I wear pukhraj ring in my index finger.ring is split from my finger now what I do .

  6. ravi says

    sir what are the effects if i wear yellow sapphire in pendent instead of index finger, will it cause harm, or the effect will be low

  7. says

    Yellow Sapphire is the Gemstone of the benefic planet Jupiter and if it is free from any flaws it will not cause any harm. You can wear it in the pendant also
    Thank You

  8. says

    Not Really Sure what you mean in your statement. The Ring should be comfortable in your finger and the Gemstone should touch the skin. Please visit the bench jeweler and ask them to re make the ring so that it satisfies the above two criteria. If the ring band is broken please get the repairs done at the local bench jeweler

  9. claritza says

    I am right handed, but my astrologer recommended left hand to wear it. Now I’m confused.

  10. says

    If you astrologer has recommended it to wear in Left hand for relationship purposes then it is correct. You must consult the Astrologer because He knows your chart and case history.

  11. Sonam says

    As recommended by my astrologer i were wearing pukhraj since around a year but nowadays i am having rashes on the area beneath pukhraj ring. Why is that hapenning and what should i do

  12. Bhaskar Boga says

    My name is Bhaskar Boga and i m wearing pukhraj in index finger but due to continues wearing my finger skin getting problem like skin gets remove so can I wear this ring in ring finger and is this help to complete my goals

  13. Sushma says

    Due to swelling in my right index finger during pregnancy , I had to take off my ring. I did not wear it for about seven months. Could I simply put it back on? Also I was wearing the ring in right index finger , do I need to wear in left index finger?

    Many thanks

  14. Sumedh says

    I heard that if anyone have father and mother alive then don’t wear pukraj in index finger (as don’t use index finger during jap) but 1 sadhu give me pukraj and told to wear in index finger

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