Gemologist Notes

This is a brilliant opportunity to own a real gemstone that is unheated and untreated. A fine and auspicious Yellow Sapphire from the Gemstoneuniverse treasure vault of precious gemstones of our splendid new lot REGAL – Magnificent. This beautiful Satvik/Pure Gemstone has the capacity to be the stepping stone for something greater in your life. The sunny disposition, spiritual warmth and rich promise of good fortune combine into the mellow and beautiful yellow sapphire. This gemstone of the benevolent Jupiter carries powerful and auspicious energies within itself - energies that can affect positive developments in the wearer's life.

This Yellow Sapphire from the gem mines of Sri Lanka is a fine Ceylon sapphire - completely natural, unheated and free from any treatment. The Yellow Sapphire is a gem that exudes quite confidence and calmness - factors that enhance balance and wisdom in life. This is the essence of the Jupiter energies, which encourage progress. This Yellow Sapphire shall deliver the best results only true Jyotish Gemstones are capable of.


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