Natural Unheated Yellow Sapphire GUGURU2433YS

  • WT.(Carats) 2.4330
  • Price/Carat $470.00
  • Total Price $1,143.51
  • Color: Light Yellow
  • Country of Origin : Sri Lanka
  • Shape & Cut: Cushion
  • Size (LxWxH) in mm: 8.29*5.97*5.12

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Gemologist Notes

If you had a desire to own a true Jyotish Gemstone Yellow Sapphire this Lot “Guru” is a brilliant opportunity to do just that.

Fashioned from our own roughs natural, unheated, near eye clean yellow Sapphire is unbelievable at this price point.

The colour is a perfect harmony ranging from a pleasing butter yellow to an intense Golden Canary yellow. Coupled with Loupe clean clarity and being fully natural this beautiful Yellow Sapphire is in the league of premium Gemstones at are found at the apex of the Gem Pyramid.

Originating from the famed Ratnapura Mines of Sri Lanka, it is free from any flaws listed in the sacred texts and shall deliver auspicious results.

True Jyotish Gemstones that shall deliver the results only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of delivering.

Blessed with the Jupiter powers of auspicious wealth, abundance, prosperity and the divine knowledge of the teacher this Yellow Sapphire will bring all the auspicious powers of the divine and gracious Jupiter/ Dev Guru Brihaspati in your life.

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