Gemologist Notes

The world of coloured Gemstones is all about colour and if "Colour" is a factor that ranks high on your priority list then this blessed sapphire from Lot "Platina" is for you with the most preferred colour shade. The golden glow of Sunrise, the promise to banish overcast skies, to shine light of wisdom and good fortune all around - such is the aura of this fabulous gemstone that is almost alive and the energy radiates strongly communicating its essence.

You will be filled with wonderment, mesmerized by the radiance and lustre of this super premium Ceylon yellow sapphire. The completely natural, unheated and treatment free gem from the famed mines of Sri Lanka has a solid jyotish weight for planetary gem therapy. It does not stop at that. The optimally cut gem has the coveted color along with great clarity.

The gem has depth, as well as fair surface dimensions to sit imposingly in your talisman. Finest Jupiter talisman guaranteed with the promised results that only true Jyotish gemstones are capable of.


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