Natural Red Garnet GUUTTAM6970RG

  • WT.(Carats) 6.9700
  • Price/Carat $41.00
  • Total Price $285.77
  • Color: Deep Red
  • Country of Origin : Africa/Mozambique
  • Shape & Cut: Oval Mixed
  • Size (LxWxH) in mm: 12.16*9.96*6.68
Gemologist Notes

Experience the brilliance, brightness, effulgence, power and Vitality of the Divine Sun- responsible for the vital life force in these magnificent Red Garnets from the heart of Africa- Mozambique.

All Natural and untreated Red Garnets with a jaw dropping near eye clean clarity. Rich, royal and luxurious in colour and having a calibrated cut (Used in top Jewellery) with great carat weight make them powerful agents for positive change.

View the video to truly appreciate how the melee of the 4C’s of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight combine together to make a Gem so magnificent.

Red Garnet is the best Upratna for Sun used in place of Ruby.

Energized and consecrated with Sri Shiv Pooja and full fledged Vedic Surya/Sun Shodashopachar pooja these Red Garnets will give the finest results of Sun the planet of truth, victory, self esteem and soul purity.

These pass the touch stone test of being true Jyotish Gemstones and will give the cherished and choicest results that only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of delivering.

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These Photographs have been taken at a very high magnification of 30X and most of the marks are not visible/ barely visible to the naked eye on the actual Gem. Please view the video at high resolution, for a better assessment of the Gem Features and clarity characteristics before your important purchase.

The marks that are sometimes visible on Natural Gemstone are nature's fingerprints that prove that the Gem was born in nature and no enhancing treatment was done on it. These are different for every single Natural Untreated Gemstone.

These marks in no way affect the potency of the gemstone, and will be least visible when we set the gem in a ring or pendant. You are viewing a Natural Untreated Gemstone of a grade that makes it to top 2% Natural Gemstones in the world in terms of its availability and the 4C’s of cut, color, clarity, carat weight

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