Gemologist Notes

Lord Shiva is the supreme Yogi and this beautiful Natural Pearl Lot is named and dedicated to him, as the Moon the planet of abundance and plenty adorns the forehead of Lord Shiva as a crescent. Every single Pearl of this lot "Shiva" exudes its own radiance, auspiciousness and beauty.

100% pure nacreous pearl, all natural with beautiful body shape, alluring shade, radiating lustre, good tone and free from any of the flaws mentioned in the sacred texts.

Each single pearl of this lot is a collectible in itself given the fact that only less than 2% of all pearls in Nature are fully natural and Jyotish quality Pearls that have features such as these make a minute minority from this 2%.

All X Ray Radiography and X Ray Diffraction Certified, each pearl from this lot is at the apex of the Gemstone Pyramid. Very rare small lot. Beautifully Timeless-Just for "You" because - A Gem is for a Gem - You are One!

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