Gemologist Notes

An opportunity that comes once in a lifetime! Behold a fully natural, non cultured, all nacre Natural pearl. Perfection personified in this wonder of Nature. A real, undrilled, all nacre, with top shape and alluring and even body color. A true Jyotish Pearl as described in the sacred texts - Pleasing shape (Button, round or oval), having an attractive shine, instantly draws attention like the moon itself, free from surface scars and blemishes, having a pleasing color- white, off white or creamy. This Natural Pearl from this lot-Shashi excels on all these criteria.

Out of all pearls produced 97% are cultured and they are useless for Astrology purposes. Only 3 % are natural pearls and out of these 3% only a miniscule percentage make the cut as Jyotish Quality. Majority of these Natural Pearls out of 3 % are of irregular uneven shapes, having multiple body colors, less than a carat. Only a very few Natural Pearls fulfil the criteria of Jyotish Quality Pearl as mentioned in the sacred texts and described above.

Jyotish Pearl is miraculous and gives those promised benefits and results. What you have in front of you is one amongst those rare pearls. It is tremendous good fortune to posses even a 1 carat Natural Pearl that is Jyotish Quality.

A fully natural, non-nucleated and undrilled Australian Pearl that has a calming Sattvik aura and shining Jyotish powers! Will make an exceptionally powerful Moon talisman! Comes with a certificate-cum-radiography report, complete with X-Ray fluorescent test and X-Ray diffraction! Let alone price, if you do find a single Natural Pearl with the features above do let us know! What you have in front of you is a collectible to be handed from one generation to another.

What are Real Natural Pearls ?

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