Gemologist Notes

Calibrated Top Jewellery Grade custom cut Iolite lot DEV from our own rough for Gemstoneuniverse Patrons. The outstanding feature is the pleasing color that is spread evenly throughout the crystal, combine that with fantastic clarity and precision cut and you have a premium Jewellery Grade Gemstone. This quality is at the apex of the Gem Pyramid and rarely makes it to retail- online or conventional. Calibrated 9*11 these all natural and untreated generally find their use in high value premium jewellery. Natural and earth mined from the island of Madagascar. Iolite in this lot are blessed with the most pleasing rich and regal royal Violetish Blue color. See the video to view how the combination of fantastic color, clarity and cut is making this like a coveted precious jewel with just the right amount of pleochroism.

Iolite rough, cut along the wrong crystal direction can ruin the achievement of best color display and mar the beauty of the iolite. Not so here. You get the very best violet blue. Lustrous and flawless, it is the substitute gem for blue sapphire. Iolite in itself is a very powerful gem and renders some splendid results. At such a great price, top grade Jyotish quality iolite is not to be missed. Iolite delivers best results as a semi precious alternative/ Uparatna to Blue Sapphire.

View the Video of this Natural Iolite lot - DEV

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