Gemologist Notes

What you have here is an exceptional premium jewellery grade Hessonite Garnet from the Gem fields of Ratnapura Srilanka. The single striking feature of this Hessonite from Lot Matsya is the deep rich orangish cinnamon colour that gets highlighted by the fiery embers inside.

Scintillating and rich deep burnt most sought after fiery cinnamon orangish color, with exceptional clarity that gives it scintillating lustre and an inward glowing lustre. This lot of Natural Untreated Hessonite has Symmetrical Cuts for Maximum Lustre and Play of Light and ideal carat weight for Gem Therapy purposes.

Exceptional clarity and good size plus free from treatment makes it an exceptional Hessonite for Gem Therapy purposes. The Experts at Gemstoneuniverse ensure that the Gem is free from any of the flaws as listed in the sacred texts.

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