Gemologist Notes

Now here's an ode to Minerva – the Roman goddess of wisdom – the patron of music, arts, trade, poetry, strategy and magic - all areas of life that have Mercury’s essence and powers as the foundation. Behold this magnificent emerald from the new lot MINERVA - beautiful, rich, fully natural and treatment free. This absolute treasure of a gem from Zambia has the lovely emerald green colour and luster – a fairly rare quality in the rarer still Emerald! There are few inclusions, the less of which is definitely hallmark of a superior emerald. This natural Zambian emerald has a great carat weight too. A distinct choice for your planetary gem therapy. Become “Quicksilver” with powers of Budha to your aid set in your customized talisman.

Note: Emeralds, more often than not, are profusely endowed with inclusions called jardines. The lesser the jardine, the more precious and emerald is!

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