Gemologist Notes

There are some Gemstones that come once in a lifetime and this Emerald, one of the 4 in lot Krity is one such Gemstone. For those who understand emerald crystal and clarity this gem is a treasure that will appreciate in value many times over in the coming year. Solid weight, intense green color with a deep rich and regal tone and purity of color, fantastic clarity levels and symmetric cut make it very desirable.

Earth Mined Emerald from Colombia- the best place on the Planet earth for Emeralds this emerald does not just excel on the 4c’s of cut, color, clarity and carat weight it also excels on the spiritual quotient and is an exceptional Jyotish Gemstone waiting to unleash its miracles. Do view the video to enjoy it in its full splendour.

Oil Treatment in Emeralds.

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