Natural Emerald GUAARTI277EM

  • WT.(Carats) 2.7700
  • Price/Carat $1,200.00
  • Total Price $3,324.00
  • Color: Green
  • Country of Origin : Zambia
  • Shape & Cut: Oval Brilliant / Step Cut
  • Size (LxWxH) in mm: 10.84*7.92*4.98

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Gemologist Notes

The fresh breath of newness, the color of a rejoicing bountiful earth lush with new life! Such is the amazing green of this gem. The creative power of Mother Nature astounds with the beauty of this emerald crystal. From the gem mines of Zambia, comes one of the finest treasures. The clarity, color, lustre - all factors are exceptional in this gem. A prized jewel indeed. This fully natural and treatment free Zambian emerald is a premium offering from Gemstoneuniverse - a part of the new parcel of gems - AARTI 2013. The gem has amazing energy of planet Mercury and is one of the finest top quality jyotish emerald to benefit from planetary gem therapy. Get your personal piece of eternity and go GREEN!

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Oil Treatment in Emerald

Emerald Clarity for Jyotish Purposes

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