Gemologist Notes

From the magnificent and the ancient city of the jewels-Ratnapura-Sri Lanka you have a fine Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl, Sutramani as per the ancient texts from this rare lot "Noble". Imbibing the best qualities of a true Jyotish Gemstone this high quality Cats eye exhibits the sought after Yellow Green Colour which is often referred to as the "Kanak Khet"- One with the Golden Hue with a magnificent and razor sharp chatoyant band-the eye of a cat that resembles the blade of the finest sword. The cats eye is as powerful a Gem as a Blue Sapphire and should be chosen carefully after a thorough astrological analysis and ensured that it is free from all flaws as listed in the sacred texts so that it delivers the best results of Planet Ketu. All Natural, earth mined, treatment free and radiation free Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl to bring the auspiciousness and blessings of Planet Ketu in your life.


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