Gemologist Notes

It would be an understatement to call this Iolite from the new Lot as an offering of the year from Gemstoneuniverse. It’s so perfect, one is likely to run out of adjectives. This quality is at the apex of the Gem Pyramid and rarely makes it to retail- online or conventional. Calibrated 10*8 and 9*11 these all natural and untreated Iolites generally find their use in high value premium jewellery. Fantastically cut from our own rough in one of the most premium cutting facilities in the world-Idar Oberstein this Iolite is blessed with the most pleasing rich and regal royal Violetish Blue color. See the video to view how the combination of fantastic color, clarity and cut is making this like a coveted precious jewel with just the right amount of pleochroism. We encourage you to do research and check the whole internet spectrum if you can get a better quality. At the same time we cannot guarantee the same in coming lots. At first look it looks more beautiful than a Blue Sapphire. No wonder patrons are getting fantastic results from their semi precious gemstones. This is your chance to own your real personal jewel. Get your own Jyotish Gemstone today for Lord Saturn’s powers and blessings.

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