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    Imperial Golden Yellow Topaz – Substitute Gem of Yellow Sapphire in Jupiter Talisman Ring

    Yellow topaz and planetary Gem Therapy

    Imperial Golden Yellow Topaz of 3.06 carats for Jupiter Vedic Energies



    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in June 2012


  Table Golden Topaz Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone Imperial Golden Yellow Topaz
    Weight 3.06 carats
    Treatment None. Fully Natural
    Origin Brazil
    Planetary Energy Jupiter/Guru
    Patron Location Virginia, USA
    All inclusive Price $ 136.50 / INR 7371
    Comments The Imperial golden yellow topaz is one of the fabulous gemstones known to man. It is unfortunate however, that the gem’s equity has taken a serious hit owing to the confusion caused by unscrupulous/ little knowing sellers who have pushed citrine at the buyer in the name of topaz.


    Look at the lovely natural Imperial golden yellow topaz from Brazil of 3.06 carats set in sterling silver as Jupiter talisman ring. The gem is a classic emerald cut with amazing imperial golden yellow color and excellent clarity. The gem is loupe clean and is free from any treatment.

    Golden imperial yellow topaz is the substitute gem for natural yellow sapphire/ pukhraj gemstone and is used to harness the saatvik energies of Jupiter / Guru/ Brihaspati.

    Look at this imperial golden yellow topaz and then take a look at citrine and you will instantly know the difference. Citrine is a member of the quartz family with a rating of 7 on Mohs Scale, where as Topaz is a different mineral altogether that measures 8 on the Mohs Scale.



    Citrine is sold under various names – gold topaz, or Madeira or Spanish topaz or even Saxon topaz. Please note that Citrine is a variety of Quartz and isn’t Topaz!

    It will be interesting for you to note that although natural citrine is available, most of the citrine available on the markets is heat–treated amethyst (amethyst belongs to the same quartz group as citrine)! Sometimes Ametrine also can be found, it is a variety of quartz that contains both amethyst and citrine sectors in the same crystal.



    Now for the purpose of planetary gem therapy ,

    Would you –

    a) Wear a gem that is heat-treated?

    b) Wear a gem that is recommended as a substitute gem for blue sapphire for Saturn?

    c) Wear a gem that gives no tangible results astrologically?

    We, at Gemstoneuniverse endeavour to give you the best – be it value for your money or a piece of jewellery you will cherish, a talisman that makes a qualitative difference in your life or for that matter knowledge regarding gems.


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