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    Natural Emerald - GUDHRUVAH2024EM

    Color: Green
    Country of Origin : Colombia
    Shape & Cut: Octagon
    Size (LxWxH) in mm: 8.26*6.84*5.62
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    If Luxury, Style, Panache and Victory are words that are a part of your vocabulary and if your dreams, ambitions and courage are firm and unchanged given any circumstances then this Gorgeous and rare Emerald from the Lot Dhruvah is just for YOU. Named after Lord Shiva meaning Firm, Unchanged and Victorious you are viewing a miracle of nature that comes just once in a blue moon.

    The world may be breaking to pieces but the flowers never fail to bloom and this Emerald epitomizes that spirit of Mother Nature perfectly.

    Gorgeous royal deep medium rich color Colombian Emerald with a scintillating cut for the maximum movement of light. Added to that a clarity of 95% and above which is very rare in natural emeralds create a masterpiece- the symphony of Mother Nature at its finest.

    Inspiring, Lively, Bright with a colour so pure you are assured that you will have a collectible that you will be proud to pass it to the next generation as your legacy.

    Get the powers of Finance, Business, and Communication the essential Mercury attributes in this precious Emerald that is a Jyotish Gemstone at the apex of the Gem Pyramid with will deliver the choicest results.

    Make your presence Felt- You have arrived- And you deserve It!

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