ARTICLES: Buy Red Coral Gemstone Online | Red Coral Stone online in India

Buy Red Coral Gemstone Online | Red Coral Stone online in India

Buy Red Coral Gemstone Online | Red Coral Stone online in India


The Red Coral Gemstone is an organic Gemstone made by the Coral in the sea. The Color causing agent is called Chromophore: algae called zooxanthellae with which the coral shares a symbiotic relationship.

Natural Red Coral is precious, expensive and rare and due to huge demand one has to be very careful while buying Red Coral Online or retail:

Top Tips for Buying Red Coral Online In India:

1) When Buying red Coral online in India or elsewhere ensure that you have a credible third party Gemstone certification. The Lab has to certify the Red Coral as Organic.

2) When you Buy Red Coral Online for Astrology purposes always ensue that your Red Coral Is free from dyeing and colouring agent. A majority of natural corals are white, off white in colour and many nefarious elements use dye to colour the coral.

3) When you buy Red Coral Online ensure that you are buying Coral Only and Not plastic sometimes sold as Taiwanese Coral or Coral made out of camel bone.

4)When you buy Red Coral Online ensure that the top surface of the coral has top polish and is free from blemishes.

5)When buying red coral only do not fall for misnomers such as Hanumani Moonga, Sindoori Moonga etc. These terms have just been coined to cheat or play tricks on an unsuspecting mind. Sindoori Moonga is nothing but a Reddish Orange Coral.

6)Also when buying Red Coral online try to ensure that you get to view the video of the actual gemstone instead of just a picture. A 3D view is always preferable to a 2D View.

7)Variety plays a huge role when buying Red Coral online.  Some people like light shades with more smoothness of surface and some people prefer darker shades. See that you have a huge range of Red Coral online to select your most preferable colour.

8) When buying Red Coral Gemstones online in India it is a huge advantage if you have set pieces to compare. This helps you to evaluate correct price of Red Coral when you are selecting the Red Coral Stone online for yourself. See example here.

9) When you buy red coral gemstone online in India ensure that the Vendor has a clear defined returns and refunds policy.

10) A Vendor with third party independent reviews is always a great resource since you get independent assessment of the vendor without any prejudice. Also ensure that the website is certified virus safe and has the highest degree of security compliance that ensures that your credit card or data can never be misused.



Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present two new lots of Natural Organic Red Corals – Sattva and Vishwa for its patrons. Every Singular coral of these lots is:

-    Is natural and treatment free
-    Is Fully organic
-    Is of Italian origin
-    Has great weight
-    Has smooth blemish free surface
-    Has a buff rounded cabochon/ Triangular shape
-    Fantastic natural planetary energy of Mars
-    Has Mediterranean ox-blood color to Vivid Reddish Orange colour
-    Is Jyotish quality
-    Is devoid of any doshas/ flaws mentioned in ancient texts

-  Are True Jyotish Gemstones


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