Gemologist Notes

Welcome the blessed energies of Life changing Jyotish Gemstones with this unheated and untreated Sapphire from the Lot "Stellar". Do have a look at the lot video and get ready to be mesmerized. It's a kaleidoscopic wonder - this gem. A fantastic work of perfect lapidary with an optimal cut!

The gem has been fashioned so masterfully that the magic of light works through its facets in an amazing way, glowing sections bathed in shiny resplendent glory as you turn it around. Super premium natural, unheated and treatment free sapphire from Srilanka, as good as it gets! Lavish and uniform spread of rich shimmering color and superb clarity make it a superior gem. Palpable planetary energies that ensure you will own a fantastic talisman and a beautiful gem. It has an electric lustre that is enchanting. Get your delight factor and your own blessed talisman now!


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