ARTICLES: Yellow Sapphire Ring | Astrology Rings Yellow Sapphire Benefits

Yellow Sapphire Ring | Astrology Rings Yellow Sapphire Benefits

Yellow Sapphire Ring | Astrology Rings Yellow Sapphire Benefits

Yellow sapphire ring and Yellow sapphire astrology benefits

Natural Yellow sapphire is an astrological gem that is hugely popular in India because of the good results it gives in planetary gem therapy. Yellow sapphire gemstone also known as pukhraj stone is one that has the benevolent energies of planet Jupiter or Brihaspati. Natural Yellow sapphire benefits can be harnessed by wearing it as a talisman set in gold.

Who should wear Yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire astrology gem rings and Jyotish gemstones are sought by many in an effort to better their lives. However, astrological gemstones must be worn only after ascertaining suitability through proper gem recommendation. Individuals with Sagittarius ascendant or with Pisces ascendant should wear as they can readily receive the benefits of Yellow sapphire gemstone. According to Hindu astrology, yellow sapphire rings are especially good for the female individuals as Jupiter is the significator of marriage as well as marital bliss for them.

These days there is an increasing trend in the West of presenting coloured gemstone rings - yellow sapphire engagement rings are a hot trend as it looks quite like the fancy color yellow diamond. It's hardness is also just next to that of diamond - while diamond scores a 10 on Moh's Scale, the yellow sapphire scores a close 9!

Yellow Sapphire Gold Ring different angles

When to wear Yellow sapphire

A duly energised and consecrated Jyotish quality Yellow sapphire should be worn on a Thursday morning of the waxing moon period (Shukla paksha) in the hora of Jupiter. Doing so ensures that the wearer will receive the best result from his or her astrological gemstone.

Origin of yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire is found in quite a few geographical locations including Australia, Montana and Srilanka. However, the best astrological gems comes from Srilanka. In fact Srilankan yellow sapphire should be preferred as a Jyotish gemstone because of its quality.

Yellow sapphire gemstone preferred color

Natural yellow sapphire comes in many shades ranging from those with just s hint of yellow to pale yellow to butter yellow to rich canary yellow. As with all coloured gemstones- the richer the color, the better is the gem! When you look at buying a yellow sapphire, those with a color range from butter yellow to rich canary yellow are the best.

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To see more inventory and natural yellow sapphire price, click here Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Facts


Natural Yellow Sapphire


2.48 carats


None. Fully Natural


Sri Lanka/Ceylon

Planetary Energy


Patron Location

Vest Sjaelland, Denmark

All inclusive Price

$ 2168.04/ INR 130082


The astrological gemstone ring featured today has a beautiful cushion cut natural unheated yellow sapphire gemstone of  2.48 carats. The lustrous and crystal clear pukhraj gem has been set in 22 karat gold as a men's yellow sapphire ring.




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