ARTICLES: Yeh Itna Mehenga Kyon Hai-Why is this Gemstone so Expensive.

Yeh Itna Mehenga Kyon Hai-Why is this Gemstone so Expensive.

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Yeh Itna Mehenga Kyon Hai-Why is this Gemstone so Expensive.

Certification Main Kuch Jugaad Hai Kya

In April 2017 we received a Three Star Review on Trustpilot that raised some questions about pricing and certification etc. Upon reply to the review it was subsequently deleted by the patron.

However, we felt that it was a good review and several other individuals who are not aware of Gemstoneuniverse Values and history, Advantages, Unmatched Price Policy and 100% error Free Gem Therapy and a flawless record since 1996 would be susceptible to think on the same lines.

The Review is published Verbatim in bold along with the answer that shall make several things clear.

And Most Importantly, Don’t try to find a Jugaad where there isn’t one. Focus on Gem therapy for best benefits, rest of it let us take care of the same.

At the end of this article there are a few links that discuss Gem Pricing Thoroughly. We have been open  and fully transparent about prices for past 20 years and have nothing to hide in our value proposition even though some dubious entities are now using Gemstoneuniverse as keyword in Google ad words and commenting on price.

Whether you call it the case of the Fox and the sour grapes, we are here to be transparent and empower OUR PATRONS to have the best.

And the question is why the so called dubious dealers with poor social media and seo managers, who quote that the prices are so expensive do not supply to Gemstoneuniverse itself.

Review by Patron in April 2017 on Trustpilot.


Am happy to know that you are one of the few reputed companies to provide "natural & untreated" gems. However please take my feedback in positive spirit for the following :

- I don't know why you don't mention in your certificate that gem is "untreated"

- You should keep provision for customers if they need certificate from third party lab to check if the gemstone is "untreated" or not. You can ask extra price for the same if required.

- Your standard time of around 10 days to despatch ring is long. Here I get ring prepared in one hour and pooja takes one hour. Guess your standard despatch time can be reduced to reach destination anywhere in India (at least metro cities) in 5 working days.

- Why you don't sell Venus gemstone i.e. Diamond?

- Your prices are around 20 times higher than the ones available in general market. I agree gems available in general market are "natural but treated" to make it look attractive. But i wonder whether "natural untreated" gems prices can be 20 times more than "natural treated" ones!

Thanks & regards,

And here was the reply after which the review was deleted.

Dear XXX,

Thank you for your feedback.

Let me address some of the things you have mentioned in your review one by one.

1) Whether a Gem Lab mentions data like Unheated, Untreated etc depends on the lab itself and we have no control over that. Each Gem Lab follows their own pattern, format and protocol.

In correct Gemological terms the term “Natural” is only mentioned if the Gem is free from any treatment.

If a Lab is mentioning the gem as Natural and then mentions any treatment than that is a deviation from the norm and is incorrect.

If you need any clarification get in touch with the Lab yourself as we have no influence over them and this does not come in our domain

We cannot keep a provision of charging extra to our patrons and certificate verification.

Some Labs offer online verification of certificates and you can verify the same online. These certificates are generally in the range of $100-$300 and you can view some of them in our Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Inventory.

 If online verification is not available you can send the lab an email yourself or call them directly with your certificate number.

This ensures we in no which way can influence any 3rd party certifying agency.

2) In addition to the above point you mention about price that is 20 times higher than market. You have a total billing of less than $100/-. The certificate that is sent to you itself costs $13.

You have been given a complimentary certificate (Worth $13 Value) that is free due to the sheer volume of work at Gemstoneuniverse. I do not know if you understand the value of the same and can associate it with the price estimate that you have put. Our Gems are priced 4-8 times less than the normal market and you can find details of the same at:

As per our unmatched price policy if you find an equivalent value gem at a lesser price you can supply to Gemstoneuniverse itself.

I am at a loss to figure out that if by your estimate the price is 20 times higher why you have ordered the product in the first place. The prices are open and you are free to compare.

When suppliers in India  and worldwide only cannot supply a calibrated, beautifully cut gem with superior colour that is untreated at the retail price we are offering then how can we find such agencies that can provide a Gemstone at 20 times less price.  We are at 2 million viewers currently as of April 2017  and if you are getting somebody who is giving you –a singular individual, 20 times lesser rather than supplying to Gemstoneuniverse that has 2 million viewers- It is quite strange

Leave alone 20 times that you cite. If the Gem that you have purchased would be 4 times more than market value then the certificate of the Gem would be more expensive than the Gem Itself.

How would that be as a business proposition? Does not make sense, doesn’t it

If we go by your calculation your total gem value will be lesser than the certificate cost which would be quite strange.

Please let us know where we can get a Gem at this price. We do not carry junk commercial quality. For more information please click this link:

3) Shipment Time- Our entire energies are directed towards an 100% error free gem therapy that contains several processes than just getting a Gem fixed in a silver and giving it to the patron. Due to the sheer volume of work including domestic and international and our sole aim of 100% error free Gem Therapy we have clearly listed the shipment times on the website and you view the same before you order the product.

In your particular case because you wanted the ring before a particular date (Reasons not mentioned here) the team co-ordinated worked on a Sunday and got your package shipped on priority before even the other patrons orders placed earlier than you.

Please note that yours is not the only order we have to process.

Please note that we make exquisite hand crafted rings that are appreciated and admired worldwide and have to take care of the safety of the Gemstone and ensure great finish, design and correct size besides consecration.

On a single day we have several orders to process and yours is not the only order that we can get done from the friendly neighbourhood jeweller who can fix a Stone in a INR 50/- setting.

4) Our expertise lies in Unheated and Untreated Coloured Gemstones and exactitude of colour and not plain-Jane diamonds. If you would need more details of the same please click this link:

As per the returns and refunds policy you can send your ring within 30 days and we shall issue you a full refund. We would also not like our patron to wear something that is 20 times expensive.

Please note that we are fully devoted to the cause of Planetary Gem Therapy and any kind of apprehension will only be detrimental to your Therapy.  You should certainly leverage this now itself.

Why are Natural and Untreated Gems expensive- Because they consist of only 2% of all Gemstones in the world. If you are inclined to know more about how Gemstones are priced please access this link:


Best Regards,


Customer Care-Gemstoneuniverse


Now Think, Reflect and Act

Below Links are similar and have been covered for over a decade. This can get mildly distracting time to time Hence all the price Links in 1 page. If you find a similar gem at a lower price please supply in huge quantities to Gemstoneuniverse. We have the numbers but the number of real Gemstones that Mother Nature makes is limited. Remember a Gem is for a Gem

Important Links Related to Gem Pricing


The Gemstoneuniverse Unmatched Price Policy.

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