ARTICLES: Jyotish Gemstones Basics | Emerald Gem Treatments | Unheated Emerald.. Poor Joke

Jyotish Gemstones Basics | Emerald Gem Treatments | Unheated Emerald.. Poor Joke

You just purchased an Unheated Emerald - It’s quite likely that you don’t have a Jyotish Gemstone.

Unrealistic Expectations based on poor information leads to poor results


 Are Emeralds ever heated?

Do you remember the time, when the herbal remedies were hot and fancied by one and all? Subsequent to that wave, there was no line of treatment or product that did not exploit the word “Herbal” to suit its ends. Likewise, there are many vendors with barely enough knowledge, trying to cash in on the buzzwords and the jargon without knowing what it means.

The ignorance is appalling for instance when one reads that a trader specializing in “Planetary Vedic Natural Astrological Gemstones” lists Unheated Emeralds for sale? It’s an oxymoron.There is nothing known as an unheated Emerald and Emerald does not go through heat treatment.

It is easy for a business minded entity to harvest some keywords and drive traffic to the site. All one needs to do is to have a generous sprinkling of words like – Astrological, Natural, Jyotish, Unheated, Untreated etc!

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Natural, Untreated, Expensive Gemstone and Still not Jyotish Quality! Surprised…. Read on

So Jyotish Quality Gemstones are not everybody’s cup of tea.

The markets are abuzz with jargon and big words that seem to imply credibility. However is that really enough. An individual may succeed in partially educating oneself about precious gemstones but it requires almost an obsessive passion to get to the bottom of things as the world of gemstones is complex.

You may not just be required to know about origins, pricing, physical, optical and chemical properties but should be fully aware of what differentiates a genuine from a fake masquerading as real! And that is really in depth and does not come by skimming the surface.

An individual looking for a genuine Jyotish gemstone will do his part in researching and reading but once faced by the real goods, it is sometimes extremely difficult even for the seasoned professional to distinguish a treated gem from an untreated one and a natural from a synthetic.

While one can secure one parameter by ensuring that the search is only for Jyotish gems – natural, untreated and unheated, devoid of doshas mentioned in the sacred texts.  However, whether you are getting the real thing or not is again a matter of debate.

A lot depends upon the vendor or the agency selling you the gems also. While they may claim to deal in Jyotish quality gemstones they often make a slip in staking claims about their gems.For instance, a vendor on the Internet is selling Jyotish quality natural unheated emeralds – but the BIG QUESTION is whether the emeralds are ever heated at all?!

Emeralds are a kind of beryl, a relatively softer gemstone with a ranking of 7 on Moh’s scale. Also emerald has a relatively lesser melting point compared to other gemstones like sapphire that can be heated. Heating an emerald can cause it to become even more fragile than it is to begin with. The emerald would actually be destroyed if this were done!

This is precisely the reason why emeralds are not subjected to glass filling treatment. Emeralds are usually oil treated, resin filled (which again would be potentially harmful for the gem in the long run) and dyed!

So the vendor – or shall we call him a “trader” who is trying to sell emeralds harping on their virtue of being unheated, is either ignorant about the processes and in turn about the gems he is dealing in or is just pushing goods on the basis of awareness – Client NEED/ His Greed and a hunch that mouthing the right sounding words will close the deal.

Only an expert who has circumambulated the world of gems with a passion, a hunger for knowledge, an adventurer’s edge and a real desire to achieve excellence will be able to guide you towards the genuine Jyotish quality gemstone.

Empower yourself with the right knowledge and make a good choice rather than tallying the keyword list.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in January 2013 Table Natural Colombian Emerald Gemstone Facts


Natural Colombian Emerald of 2.07 carats

Natural Colombian Emerald of 2.07 carats


Gemstone Natural Colombian Emerald
Weight 2.45 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Muzo Mine-Colombia
Planetary Energy Mercury
Patron Location Japan
All inclusive Price $ 1681 / INR 94136
Comments Featured today is a nice natural Emerald crystal all of 2.07 carats. It’s lively and its soft and rejuvenating color is pleasing to the eyes. Fashioned into an oval cushion the cut is scintillating and allows the maximum play of light which is one of the most important components of Jyotish Gems therapy. 


Liberating vibes from this natural earth mined emerald from the Gem fields of Colombia. Look at the clarity and enjoy the energies of this blessed Emerald Crystal

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