ARTICLES: Free Vedic Gemstone recommendation announcement

Free Vedic Gemstone recommendation announcement

Things we don’t like but this will save us a lot of precious time, save a lot of your time and may help you in taking the right direction- Random requests for Gemstone recommendation, casual discussions of horoscopes! Please don’t waste time.

Free Vedic Gemstone recommendation announcement

The live messenger service at is one of its kind!. It is operated and managed by a highly qualified trained team of professionals who are certified Astro Gemologists. An Astro gemologist is not a person who practices Astrology and gives gem therapy but one who is a certified Astrologer and a Qualified Gemologist. Among a plethora of websites that have faceless identities as consultants. To view the team please click here.

At any given time our weekly average of Gem recommendation reports are around 70. These are paid customers who have made this payment because they are serious about gem therapy and have gone in detail about the contents of the Gem report. Each gem report is done by a qualified Astro Gemologist and takes anywhere from 3-5 hours to a couple of days. So, you can easily understand our predicament. For us at Gemstoneuniverse planetary gemology is a passion and we are not driven by sales but a real cause of serving our Guru, the sacred science of Gemology and a sincere desire to be of some help to individuals to have a positive development and bringing desired results.

Hence we do not just predict a gemstone by a Rashi, Lagna or dasha but by keeping several factors in mind. How can we as professionals put our reputation on the line by such casual practices.

Before you send us random requests to suggest a Gemstone for you, such as this , Can I wear a Gomedh is it suitable to me my dob is 24/xx/1981 time of birth 21.55pm in night, place of birth Baroda Gujarat, can wearing of Gomedh cause loss of position or a query such as my Saturn is in 8 th house aspected by Jupiter should I wear Blue Sapphire? Or I have been recommended to wear a Yellow Sapphire of 3 carats, just check if this weight is Ok and I will buy from your Yellow Sapphire section.

Please understand that you are causing a big disservice to paid customers, qualified consultants who put in their best efforts to deliver the best value. We never encourage such discussions for it is a sheer waste of time and resources and we have statistical evidence of planetary gem therapy never being implemented in such cases.

There are some people who mark a bcc to 100 consultants asking for their opinion by just randomly distributing their data. Please do not debase and undermine your horoscope and encourage casual discussion. Your horoscope is your whole life and a good consultant can read everything. If it was a 5 minute job and a not a 3 hour one as it is in our case we would have helped.

Hence, enabling statements such as just tell me the Gemstone and I will buy from you does not work at Gemstone universe. We are not driven by sales and commerce. We are driven by service, passion and goodwill. Please buy from anywhere; just ensure that it is recommended in your chart and that the gem is natural.

The live messenger team is dedicated to the service of Planetary Gemology and is for helping those who require assistance in this intricate world of planetary gems, gem treatments etc which can be quite intimidating at first.

Our recommendation is a 12- 14 page recommendation that is done by a certified consultant. Please click here to read the methodology of analysis (Not a single person who requested a random recommendation had the patience to go through this section- Our server logs are a proof) and the content of the report before you waste the time of somebody who is trying to do a good job, waste the time of serious individuals who have paid for the report and waste your time hitting 500 clicks on the website without doing anything. It is our humble request, much as we would like to help you we are not in a position to do that for reasons explained herein.

And Lastly Karmik life map cannot be altered so easily. Read more about this by clicking here.
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