ARTICLES: Yellow Sapphire Ring| Astrology Stone Yellow Sapphire | Lotus Ring

Yellow Sapphire Ring| Astrology Stone Yellow Sapphire | Lotus Ring

The Blossoming of the Infinite Intelligence-The Sacred 16 Petal Lakshmi Ring-Flawless Yellow Sapphire!



Planetary Gem therapy is magical and a Jyotish Gemstone has supreme power. In this magical realm we at Gemstoneuniverse feel extremely liberated when we get the opportunity to create a miracle.

The Yellow Sapphire ring is one such miracle. Commissioned specifically on the request of the client this ring has several features and benefits that make it not only magical and powerful but also a very exquisite piece of fine jewellery.

We all are aware of the Sri Yantra- All called as the Yantraraj (King of all sacred Yantras). It is the symbol of peace, prosperity, supreme bliss and empowers the individual to enjoy and truly experience what this life has to offer.


Shri Yantra-The most powerful of all YantrasShri Yantra-The most powerful of all Yantras

Out of the total 9 chakras of the Sri Yantra two are most important.  These two are:


1) Bindu- The centre point in the central triangle is called as the Bindu or SARVA ANANDAMAYI CHAKRA. Sarva Anandamayi means always in a state of bliss and capable of creating the supreme bliss. This chakra is beyond time and space and is the cause of this Universe.

2) Shodashdal: The sixteen petal lotus ring (above highlighted in red), is the Sarva Asha Puraka Chakra- The chakra capable of fulfilling all desires and wishes- material or spiritual.

Both these divine wonders come together in this yellow sapphire ring. The 16 petals have been handcrafted with love and respect representing the Sarva Asha Puraka Chakra which in turn gets connects to the 1000 petal lotus in the Sahasrara Chakra the seat of supreme knowledge and self realization.


Sahasrara Chakra The seat of Self RealizationSahasrara Chakra The seat of Self Realization

The Bindu is represented by a Flawless unheated Yellow Sapphire the gem of the Divine Brihaspati who is the cause of all auspicious knowledge. It is a Sapphire befitting this divine design ( Read Gem Notes in the table below).

The Nature of the Mandala is the Sun of fire that is represented by the 18K Yellow Gold ring Shank. All in all a powerful Jyotish ring capable of creating many wonders.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in November 2012 Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Yellow Sapphire
Weight 3.48 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Sri Lanka/Ceylon
Planetary Energy Jupiter
Patron Location Columbia, United States
All inclusive Price $ 1614.03 / INR 89901.47
Comments Features of the Yellow Sapphire.


Have a look at this stunning ring. It is masterpiece of a creation.

-Natural Earth Mined Yellow Sapphire.

-Eye Clean crystal.

-Scintillating Ceylon cut that emphasis maximum play of light. Just look at how light is being reflected from each angle that has been masterfully faceted.

-Please medium canary Yellow Color that is spread all evenly throughout the crystal.

- Certified Unheated and untreated Yellow Sapphire.

- Most importantly devoid of any flaws listed in the sacred texts.

The Gemstoneuniverse Value Advantage

We hate to harp on this but we would like to draw your attention to the delicate and exact process of sorting that ensures we are able to provide such wondrous beauties. All Yellow Sapphires are not Gem Quality or Jyotish Quality. Identifying a Jyotish Gem is not an easy task and we go extra lengths to ensure Jyotish Quality.

Moving on, we ourselves are surprised that we listed this beauty as an entry Level Sapphire in May 2011. If this is entry level what is the best level?

Listed first in May 2011 at $295/INR 13,570 per carat we would like you to see the features and the video and let us know if such a Sapphire is available at less than $600 per carat- and this would be a wholesale price, not price for a single unheated yellow sapphire with similar features. And if it is –we shall buy from you.

As always, a Gem once listed at Gemstoneuniverse never has a price changed. Even though this Gem might have been viewed by countless individuals since May 2011, it has been shipped out in November 2012.

The magic is- A True Jyotish Gem chooses it wearer and also its destiny wherein in this case was the blessing of the divine feminine and the power of Sri Yantra being a vital part of the design element. A Gem is for a Gem

Note: Dear Patron, We thank you for this wonderful opportunity to create this piece for you.  It has been an experience that we shall cherish.

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