ARTICLES: Ratnapura Sapphires Pride of Asia | Ratnapura Gem Market

Ratnapura Sapphires Pride of Asia | Ratnapura Gem Market


Ratnapura Sapphires Pride of Asia | Ratnapura Gem Market

Among the major Gemstone Mining areas in Srilanka the most prominent are the Ratnapura and the Elahera Gem Mining Areas. Sri Lanka is called as the “Jewel Box” of the Indian Ocean and it is believed that 25% of the entire land mass of Srilanka is filled with precious Coloured Gemstones. Srilanka has nearly 75-80 Colored Gemstone varieties literally making it the Treasure Island.


Geographically the island of Sri Lanka is divided in three major complexes:

-          Wanni Complex

-          Highland Complex

-          Vijayan Complex

The Highland complex is in centre of the Island and it is here where majority of Gem Mining occurs.

The Highland Complex has metamorphic, sedimentary and magmatic deposits. Sedimentary gem deposits are the most important of all gem deposits in Sri Lanka. The sedimentary placer gem deposits (these are relatively shallow deposits) occur in thin layers of gravel and sand, termed locally as Illam in alluvial plains and even in hilly areas. Illam is a Tamil word meaning “dwelling place” and in this context it turns out to the dwelling place of the gems.

Ratnapura Gem Mining and Ratnapura Gem Market

Ratnapura- the city of gems - is still the heart of the industry, though new pits are being explored in other parts of the island . The quality of Ratnapura gems is legendary and the both Yellow and Blue Sapphires from the Ratnapura mines and market are exotic and most sought after in the world.


Hiuen Tsang

In the seventh century Hiuen Tsang(Xuanzang (Hsuan-tsang) (c. 602–664), born Chen Hui or Chen Yi (Chen I), was a Chinese Buddhist monk, scholar, traveller, and translator) stated that there was a ruby on the spire of the temple at anuradhapura whose magnificence illuminated the sky .

Ratnapura, literally translating to mean the city of gems is the capital of Sabaragamuwa province. Ratnapura lies about a hundred kilometres south east of Colombo city. It is a hub for gem traders from several countries.

Ratnapura has a humming and full of energy market square where gem trading is a common trade for many years now. Traditional gem mining and gem cutting operations are performed here and the Ratnapura Gem Market is the most popular gem hub of this beautiful island country. 

Aside from the brilliant and lustrous gemstones that are sold uncut, polished or in the form of delicate beautiful jewellery, visitors to the city are fascinated by the sight of the gem mines scattered in many parts of the city. Ratnapura has remained as one of the highest Gem exporters in the world.

The Ratnapura city is vibrant where you have many Gem Museums and you also have a opportunity to view how the Gemstones are mined, cut and polished.


Ratnapura Sapphires-The Pride of Asia

Amongst all Gem varieties mined in Srilanka, the Ratnapura Sapphires both Yellow and Blue are the most coveted and special. The Sapphires of these mines have been used in some of the most premium jewellery grade pieces in the world.


New Lot of Premium Sapphires from Ratnapura Srilanka Vijay

Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to bring two premium Ceylon Sapphire parcels from the Gem fields of Ratnapura. Named as Ajay (Undefeated) and Vijay( Victory). Every Single Sapphire of these lots is:

New Lot of Premium Sapphires from Ratnapura Srilanka Ajay


Premium Jewellery Grade Sapphires.

All Natural, unheated and untreated earth mined Sapphires from Ratnapura.

The color is the most beautiful and exotic. Ranging from Deep Blue to Royal Canary Yellow they are teeming with life.

Scintillating precision cut that heightens the effect of color. Lustrous Jewels as if taken out from a treasure.

95% and over clarity levels that is very rare in Natural Unheated Sapphires.

Solid and effective carat weight making them effective for Jyotish Gemstone results.

True Jyotish Gemstones that are free from any flaws as listed in the sacred texts. Just see them in the video and you shall marvel at their purity.

Cut from our own roughs so that you are guaranteed an unmatched price.

While picking gems for use in planetary gem therapy, Gemstoneuniverse makes sure that these gems are top of the line, displaying enviable clarity and great lustre! There are no compromises made on quality and even great looking natural gems are rejected, if they carry internal flaws (doshas) that could interfere with your gem therapy.

Your Gem therapy should be absolutely error free with no guess work as per the guidelines given in Do Gems Work- No They Don’t for 90% of the people- We ensure that.

Gemstone Certification and appraisal of these lots are complete and you can find them in the online sapphire inventory in the next 3 days or earlier.

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