ARTICLES: Elahera- A Gemstone Safari | Gem Investment | Srilanka Gemstones

Elahera- A Gemstone Safari | Gem Investment | Srilanka Gemstones

Elahera- A Gemmy Safari, an astute Gem Investment and a phenomenal return of investment.




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Natural Yellow Sapphire of 2.10 carats Gemstoneuniverse

Natural Yellow Sapphire of 2.10 carats Gemstoneuniverse Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Yellow Sapphire
Weight 2.10carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Sri Lanka/Ceylon
Planetary Energy Jupiter
Patron Location Coorg,Madikeri, India
All inclusive Price $ 1595.80 / INR 86014
Comments Elahera is an abundant Gem field located in central Sri Lanka about 115 kms NE from the capital city of Colombo. According to current estimates Elahera produces roughly around 35% of all gems exported from Sri Lanka.


The Elahera Gem mining fields come in Matale District near the Wasgomuwa strict natural reserve, in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka.


Gems found in Elahera Sri Lanka

Gems found in Elahera Sri Lanka

The precious gemstones are found in diverse quantities in the cold alluvium and river gravels in Elahera. Among many other mineral reserves the precious deposits consist mainly of:

Pink Sapphire







What is notable is that Ruby is not primarily found in Elahera but the supply of Pink Sapphires is plentiful. Most of the Gems produced from Elahera and sold in Indian market as Rubies would be classified as pink sapphires in the World Markets.

Value from Elahera delivered globally.

Featured today is a Yellow Sapphire from the Elahera Gem field. Notice the fantastic clarity levels,-eye clean, strong saturation of color giving it the golden yellow hue, a cut so scintillating that allows the maximum play of light, a carat weight of 2+ carats and most importantly free from any enhancing treatment. This Yellow Sapphire is the epitome of Jyotish Quality and represents the best of Jyotish energies of its planetary ruler Jupiter.


What about the price? The Gemstoneuniverse value advantage

Today as we write this blog post we ourselves are amazed at the price. This lovely yellow sapphire was listed on the Gemstoneuniverse website on 23 December 2010 at a price per carat of $510 because we owned the rough, when the dollar to rupee conversion rate was 49.8.

Today we are in October 2012 and we cannot purchase this quality at this price and when the dollar to rupee conversion is around 53.8 to 55.  As usual, once a Gem gets listed at Gemstoneuniverse there is no change in its price. Even though you have information similar to this on the blog what is certain that despite any logic a true gemstone will always choose its owner-the one it is destined for and that’s where the magic of gem therapy lies.

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