ARTICLES: Pearl Stone Affirmations for best results | Natural Pearl

Pearl Stone Affirmations for best results | Natural Pearl


Pearl Stone Affirmations for best results | Natural Pearl

A natural pearl is a pristine and divine gem that exudes the soft, cooling and comforting energies of the planet moon. This gem has always enamoured women with its subtle charm. And of course they say you can never go wrong with pearls as accessories.

In Vedic astrology natural pearl is used as the gemstone of choice to harness the gentle energies of the Moon. It's natural area of play is the mind, feelings and emotions. Wearing a natural pearl not only balances out these delicate sectors of life but also gives benefit related to the house that Chandra or Moon owns and controls in an individuals horoscope. Moon is the significator of mother and hence it's energies nurture the wearer as a mother would. In the zodiac, the Moon represents the divine feminine.

One can further harness the power of the natural pearl by supplementing it with positive affirmation related to the gem. While one can device ones own affirmation related to the objectives of wearing the gem, the following affirmation will work powerfully in enhancing the benefit derived from the natural pearl  -

"My mind and emotions are in a balance. I see, feel observe and interact with the world around me with a balanced view to my highest good. The energy of divine feminine surrounds and protects me."

Paloma New Lot of Natural Pearls from Gemstoneuniverse

In the book Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians , Michael Katz writes that the natural pearls were once regarded with great awe and had the power to mirror the internal truth as well as the physical truth of the wearer. The cultured pearls in comparison have nothing much to offer as their artificial core is devoid of life and has been inserted to achieve a commercial end. Natural pearls have increasingly become rare today as markets are awash with cultured pearls of varied types.

The pearl is said to be a representative of life where it spends time in watery embryo like environment and then surfaces to a physical world.

Gemstoneuniverse presents to you a unique parcel - "PALOMA" - with fully natural Australian pearls. Gemstoneuniverse keeps it's promise to the patrons of delivering the best gems at most attractive prices in a bid to bring gem therapy to those interested.

Each gem of the  "PALOMA" lot
 - is fully natural and devoid of any treatment
- is purely organic
- is of Australian origin
- has smooth blemish free surface
- has a silvery white lustrous overtone
- comes with x-Ray and radiography report along with certification
- has unadulterated moon energies best suited for harnessing for astrological purpose
- Are Lustrous Beautiful Gemstones with lovely shape and body tone

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