ARTICLES: Blue Sapphire Astrology | Neelam in Sade Sathi | Blue Sapphire Astrology Gemstone

Blue Sapphire Astrology | Neelam in Sade Sathi | Blue Sapphire Astrology Gemstone

Remarkable relief and results by using a Blue Sapphire/ Neelam  during Sade Sathi/ Saturn Cycle


Perhaps one of the most complicated, pressure creating and trying transits among all planetary transits is the Sade Sathi –The Seven and half year Saturn Cycle. The Saturn cycle starts when Saturn enters the 12th position from the natal moon and operates till Saturn exits the sign second to the moon.

Some of the General Malefic results faced in the Sade Sathi are:

1) Lack of Direction and drive.

2) Unnecessary expenditures.

3) Pertinent delay even in small tasks.

4) Running Pillar to post.

5) Ill Health and aches and pains. Especially in Back, Knees and areas below the knees.

6) Weak Gastric system and problem of acid reflux.

7) Test of relationships and pressure on interpersonal relationships.

8. Lack of recognition and ill repute, being blamed for false things.

9) Lack of opportunities for career growth.

10) Lack of wealth and increase in debts Karmic as well as Material.

Individual results shall vary as per Saturn’s position in the horoscope.

Even though there are remedial measures to pacify Saturn many errors creep in the Karmic Life Map and hence the individual gets little to no relief.

In many such cases we have observed that if an individual wears a Jyotish Blue Sapphire that is free from any flaws as indicated in the sacred texts and advised after accurate analysis of the horoscopes, the positive results are very forthcoming. The relief is felt almost instantaneously by the grace and blessings of Lord Saturn through the Blue Sapphire.


Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in January 2013 Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Blue Sapphire
Weight 2.75 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural,
Origin Srilanka
Planetary Energy Saturn
Patron Location

Chennai/ India

All inclusive Price $ 1870.56 / INR 106622.20



Lord Saturn At the Shree Shaneeswar Swamy Sannidhi RajajiNagar BangaloreLord Saturn At the Shree Shaneeswar Swamy Sannidhi RajajiNagar Bangalore

The 12 feet high Imposing idol of Lord Saturn at Shri Shaneeshwara Swamy Sannidhi, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, India. Gemstoneuniverse was commissioned to find a special Blue Sapphire for the crown of Lord Saturn.  More about this can be read here.

Featured today is an exceptional Jyotish Blue Sapphire of 2.75 carats. Scintillating oval cut give it an extra lustre and makes the play of light palpable. Unheated earth mined beautiful Blue Sapphire from the Ratnapura Mines in Sri Lanka. Notice the even spread of Silky Cornflower Blue Color all throughout the crystal and this is what is meant by Jyotish Gem Selection.  Tremendous power of  Lord Saturn in this Blue Sapphire.  A Gem is for a Gem

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