ARTICLES: Meditation during the Sacred Nine Nights of Navratri

Meditation during the Sacred Nine Nights of Navratri


Meditation during the Sacred Nine Nights of Navratri

The Sacred Colors for each night of Navratri

The Navaratri is the festival of Goddess Durga- Shakti that is celebrated in India. Each day and night of these special days has special energies unique to their own and if special sadhanas and meditation/s are done on these days there are abundant benefits. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil. This is the time for reinventing and rediscovering oneself.

Each day and night represents a particular color and meditation that is listed below. Performing these meditations will bring benefits and give an opportunity of altering the Karmik Life Map.


Colours have a huge impact on our energy centres / chakras. Utilize these colours on the specific days for best benefits

Best meditations and colors for Navratri:


Hindi Tithi/ date

Ruling Colour





Gray is a neutral color. Today’s meditation is to accept that everything need not be in black or white – nothing is absolute and life and people/ situations can be midway sometimes




After the first day meditation the consciousness has evolved. It has become hopeful and energetic. The meditation today is to be thankful for life itself and be hopeful. Also meditate on creating something because orange is the color of creativity. It is opening the doors to new possibilities.




White is the color of purity and truth. You have accepted on the first day, kindled hope on the 2nd day hence the time to purify thoughts and action. Meditation today is on purity and clearing away mental clutter and obstacles.




Once the process of clearing the clutter is over in the previous day, this is the time for action. Red signifies action, confidence, enthusiasm and burning away of stress, anxiety and fears. Today’s meditation is to believe in one’s own power and cultivating the resolute confidence that nothing is impossible.




Today the ruling colour is blue and the meditation is to realize your own important place in the universe without comparing yourself with anyone. You had cultivated confidence the previous day and threw away fear. Today is the day to meditate your own importance in the universe and find inner solitude and peace.




This is the day of clarity and awareness which Yellow signifies. Today’s meditation is to protect yourself from negativity and negative people and let go of traumas stored in the sub conscious. You also get the realization that no one and nothing can bring harm to you.




You have achieved a new state of balance and enlightenment. Green is the color of fertility and today’s meditation is to form new goals and promise yourself, continuous movement on the path of action. Today’s meditation is to focus on your highest ideals free from shackles.



Peacock Green

This is the day where you transcend the boundaries of logic. This day you go beyond and connect with the universe and beyond. This is the day, when mind opens up to the possibility of a larger reality, something beyond an individual’s knowledge.




You have last day of Navratri. Today’s meditation is to thank God for life itself and realize whatever condition you are in is the best for you.  You are now aware of the sense of balance, re-balance and no Balance


Utilize these colours and meditation on the respective days and let the divine feminine heal you with her energy.

May Shakti Shower her divine grace on you and your loved ones!

A small prayer for you, which you should also recite for yourself, your loved ones and the whole universe

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah= may all be happy
Sarve santu niramayah= may all be free from disease
Sarve bhadrani pashyantu = may all see good and auspicious in everything.
Ma kaschit duhkha bhaag bhaveet- may none be unhappy or in distress
Om shantih, shantih, shantih-Om peace, peace, peace!

With Prayers, Love and Peace

Guruji Shrii Arnav

Guruji Shrii Arnav


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