ARTICLES: Composite and Lead Glass filled Rubies-Stay Away

Composite and Lead Glass filled Rubies-Stay Away

Natural Ruby - A Scarce Treasure Whose Matchless Value Spawned Treatments and More Shockingly, the Composite Rubies

Composite and Lead Glass filled Rubies-Stay Away

Natural Ruby of 1.03 Carats


Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in July 2012 Table Natural Mozambique Ruby Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Mozambique Ruby
Weight 1.03 carats
Treatment None.
Origin Mozambique
Planetary Energy Sun
Patron Location Massachusetts, USA
All inclusive Price $ 2204 / INR 122322
Comments A good ruby – an eternal source of delight. Not only do you possess one a beautiful gem but a very valuable one too.


Featured today is a natural unheated treatment free ruby from Mozambique of 1.03 carats set in 22-karat gold as a Sun talisman ring. The pear shaped natural ruby is a premium gem and has deep vibrant reddish pink color. The ruby is intense in color and has great clarity and lustre. The fancy pear shape lends added charm.

In Vedic astrology, Ruby or manik gemstone is the gem of Sun / Surya. It is used in a talisman to harness the powerful energies of Sun for ones benefit and betterment.

One must be careful while purchasing precious gems and must ascertain that they are natural and jyotish quality . In the times when rubies have established their value at phenomenal per carat rates, it is but natural that methods of gem treatment have also been devised and developed to take advantage of the price a good ruby fetches.

Not only is there a large volume of heat treated or glass filled rubies on offer in the markets, there is now something known as composite ruby – where two or more separate of low-quality corundum are fused together with tinted glass . The real problem arises because the ruby looks good to the unsuspecting buyer and requires fair examination to establish that it is a composite ruby. Also, the unscrupulous sellers may not disclose the treatment/ composition of the gem!


Composite Ruby - Hard to Tell; Image - Newsvine Composite Ruby - Hard to Tell; Image - Newsvine

A research paper on composite rubies by Craig Lynch mentions this – “ They are created from opaque to semi-opaque rocks containing corundum and other minerals in which the extraneous minerals are leeched out by a chemical process, leaving numerous voids that are then infused with glass. In the composites now being seen by gemologists and laboratories, the glass component typically comprises 30-40% of the stone, or more ! The starting material is too low-grade to be considered a gemstone, and the finished product lacks the durability, rarity and value of a gemstone.”

Treated rubies are single stones enhanced in some manner to look better and fetch greater value. However, composite rubies are an altogether different thing, fairly brittle and cheap. This is where you end up not owning a gemstone at all! Natural gems come with certification and buyers must ask for it specifically. Arm yourself with the knowledge and make an intelligent buy!

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