ARTICLES: Navratna Stone VIII | Navaratna Gemstone White Pearl and Mother Mahagauri

Navratna Stone VIII | Navaratna Gemstone White Pearl and Mother Mahagauri

Maa Mahagauri

Natural Pearl for a Radiant Moon – Celebrating Navratri and the Divine Feminine in Each One



Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in October 2012 Table Natural Pearl Gemstone facts

Gemstone Non Nucleated Natural Pearl / Nacre
Weight 2.73 carats
Treatment None, fully Natural
Origin Australia
Planetary Energy Moon
Patron Location Chennai, India
All inclusive Price $ 1159.12 / INR 61433.49
Comments The fairest of the fair – white like the conch, the moon and the pearl is Mahagauri , the appellation of Durga that is worshipped on the eight day of the navratris . Mahagauri is a goddess who took up austere practices to get Shiva as her husband.


Such was the extremity of her austerities and the duration of time that passed, she became completely dark and covered in dirt. Shiva, impressed the resolute devotion came and himself cleansed her, with the result that Mahagauri gained a cosmic radiance and gained her name.

श्वेते वृषे समारूढा: श्वेताम्बरधरा शुचि: !
महागौरी शुभम दद्यान्महदेवप्रमोददा !!

Shwete Vrashe Samarudhah Shwetambar-dhara Shuchi !
Mahagauri Shubham Dadhyanmahdev-pramodada !!

She is depicted as a radiant goddess, who rides a bull, has three eyes, four hands – in one hand she holds a trident, another a damru and the other two hands are in the varmudra and abhay mudra . She is visualized by the yogi as an eight year old girl. This is precisely why Kumari Puja or “ kanya pujan ” is done on ashtami or the eighth day of the Navratris . This ritual is a homage to the virgin goddess.


chakra meditation


This day, the meditation is focused on all the chakras one by one, signifying the eternal journey of the soul.

Featured today is a gem that has energies similar to that of Goddess Mahagauri – a natural and organic pearl of 2.73 carats set in sterling silver as a pendant. The round button shaped pearl is fully natural and treatment free. This natural Australian pearl has a radiant white color and has smooth and blemish free surface.


Natural Pearl of 2.73 Carats Gemstoneuniverse

Natural Pearl of 2.73 Carats Gemstoneuniverse

Natural pearl or mukta/ moti is the gemstone of Planet Moon/ Chandra , the visible planet that actually symbolizes the divine feminine. Natural pearl can be worn by individuals with Cancer ascendant or kark lagna . The sign of Cancer is ruled by Moon.

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