ARTICLES: Hold on to Your Upratna and your Miracle

Hold on to Your Upratna and your Miracle

Hold on to Your Upratna and your Miracle

Hold on to Your Upratna - Nature's Custom Made Solution for You

Your Uparatna-Semi Precious Gemstone or entry level gemstone is delivering results; don’t let it go till it delivers fully.

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The true measure of power does not lie in that shallow or gross parameters those are accessible to human mind. One may usually measure worth or power by simple perceptible yardsticks of size, price, other's opinion, status rankings and such!  It may hold somewhat effective for assessing objects to an extent, but how does one determine the true measure of power in a gemstone!

One may find the process of pricing easier but determining what a gemstone can do for an individual is a very difficult task. Why a certain gemstone may find a beautiful fitment with your personal energy system, another may not. Personal astrological charts or horoscopes come into play here and help determine the gemstone that will be appropriate for a certain nativity.

Once this is done the individual may opt for a precious gemstone which the Shastras define as the Maharatna or may choose to work initially with a substitute gem or an Upratna. The Upratnas, because of greater relative availability can be bought at a much lesser price compared to the rarer precious gems. This attractive pricing puts it in the domain of gemstones that can be bought by the regular folk without burning a hole in the pocket.

The results obtained through planetary gem therapy using an Upratna vary from individual to individual. The common observation is that the Upratna is effective but its results are slower and diluted vis-a-vis the results obtained through use of maharatnas.

However, it is important to note that this is not a law written in stone, quite literally so. Every gemstone has powers inherent in it and the measure of its power may be revealed in its interaction with the human energy system it comes into contact with! Remember that a Gem is for a Gem and if a Gem has chosen you, it has for a reason.

There are instances of patrons who implemented planetary gem therapy with Upratnas and registered fantastic turnaround in life. However upon reaching a financial status or a particular goal, the desire overtook to replace the red garnet with a ruby and a peridot with an emerald. While it is only the logical course of action in correct gem therapy, the mistake would be in parting with the gemstone that eased out the blockades in a person's path.

What needs be done in such a case - it is highly advisable to reclaim the gemstone irrespective of price for size that brought positive results, joy, breakthroughs. An individual can complement the Upratna with a Maharatna but not remove it from ones person.

The effectiveness of an upratna cannot be sized up just going by their price. The natural peridot may be an upratna for the Emerald but has its own magical powers of releasing emotional blockages or speed breakers cannot be paralleled. The red garnet has a slightly genteel edge as compared to the feisty and fiery, "brook-no--nonsense" energy of the Ruby. So for people who often find their fragile ego playing spoilsport at work and in relationships, working with a red garnet initially may help much better in smoothening out life.

Your upratna may be a real blessing nature custom made for you! The name upratna and Maharatna are merely nomenclature tools to simplify understanding. In this day and age, with nature’s reserves fast being depleted, the real gemstones at the apex of the Gem Pyramid have become precious and rare. Enjoy your gem and your journey.

Our Advice & Suggestion- How often should I change my Gemstone.

Over a period of 20 years, we have noticed many patrons follow what we call as “Testing the waters” approach. They start Gem Therapy with an entry level Gemstone or an Upratna Gemstone just to gauge results before wearing the precious gemstones.

Some patrons receive good results instantly and their mind tells them to upgrade the gemstone as fast as possible once they receive the results because now they are convinced about the Gem therapy and the power of Gemstones to deliver results and they feel that wearing the precious gemstone shall deliver more results and power.

Many patrons want to upgrade the Gemstone within 2 months of wearing them. We always discourage this practice because every gemstone and its results are different. Just because your semi precious gemstone delivered the result it does not equate to that the precious one will also deliver the same results or better results.

You must realize and appreciate the fact that your Uparatna/ Entry Level Gemstone delivered results for you. It worked with you and your energy system to bring the change and directed you towards positive Karma and made a change in your Karmik Life Map.

You must let it work for a longer length of time and experience its benefits for full potential. If a gemstone is working for you must wear it for a minimum period of 2-3 years before contemplating an upgrade.

If you still want to upgrade then keep wearing your upratna/ entry level Gemstone and wear an additional precious gemstone but don’t let go of your friend that delivered results to you. On many occasions despite our suggestion and advice patrons have been adamant to change due to unrealistic expectations.

Once the change is made and the results are not up to their expectations they want their Upratna that they were originally wearing back. It has been clearly stated in the Gemstoneuniverse Policy and FAQ’s that once a Gemstone is returned, it never makes it back to the Gemstoneuniverse inventory. It is sent to the Gemstoneuniverse Buying Division and recut/ repolished and then sold for jewellery.

It is our sincere advice that if an Upratna/ Semi precious Gemstone and their planetary energy has delivered results for you Hold on to it and enjoy the change. The time to change has not yet come.

Hold on to your Uparatna and hold onto your miracle.



Abhijita Kulshrestha is the Director and senior astro-gemologist at She is a GIA and PGA certified  astro-gemologist. Abhijita is also an NLP practitioner certified by NFNLP, Florida. 

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