ARTICLES: Natural,Untreated, Certified and Still Not Jyotish Gemstone

Natural,Untreated, Certified and Still Not Jyotish Gemstone

Natural, Untreated, Expensive Certified Gemstone and Still not Jyotish Quality! Surprised ...Read on

When you initiate a process, make sure you take it to a logical end. Success in endeavors is almost guaranteed if an individual applies this philosophy to every aspect of life and not just gem therapy.

If you do initiate the process of getting a good gemstone recommendation for the purpose of implementing planetary gem therapy, do make sure that you choose the correct tool – in this particular case, planetary gems of jyotish quality. The proper gem recommendation will be of no avail if you allow errors to creep in, especially when you vacillate (simply considering the price of the gems; mind you jyotish quality gems are a rare breed and will come at a premium) in choosing a jyotish gem.

Why, you would ask!

Because, jyotish gems are the crème de la crème of the gem world – that which sits atop the gem pyramid. It is not just about excelling on the 4C’s of cut, color, clarity and carat weight but also measuring up to the criteria and strictures listed in the shastras about what flaws are to be avoided in particular gems and what are the desired attributes that allow a gem to take a giant leap into the haloed category of jyotish gems.

For instance, emeralds can be classified jyotish quality after they make the cut where they do no have any of the 7 doshas/ flaws and have at least one of the 5 desired characteristics or one of the eight shades specified! To elaborate one of the flaws listed is about emerald that isn’t cool and smooth – rookshma and this kind of emerald brings disease. That which has a yellow spot in called a bishfota the texts caution against a fatal wounding by sharp weapon as a fallout of wearing such a gem! One of the 8 shades of green that is desirable in a jyotish gem is a green that is found in the Sirisa flower (Albezia Lebbeck Tree flower).


Sirisa flower - Albizia lebbeck

The list about details goes on, but it would suffice to say that a jyotish quality gem has to be carefully chosen.

Here is an outline of a case study, where an individual had to learn this the really hard way, even after buying the gems. It was when things suddenly started going wrong that the individuals wrote back, requesting advice and solution.

A couple who got a gemstone recommendation from Gemstoneuniverse, decided to buy a gemstone from elsewhere. The ‘elsewhere’ part is immaterial and what is of real concern and did have a consequence is that the gemstone was not jyotish quality . What follows is a portion of the mail trail exchanged with the individual in question reporting things. (Areas/ names/ information blurred to protect privacy).

After all experimentation, the patron decided upon a jyotish quality emerald and a blue sapphire from the Gemstoneuniverse collection. Now take a look at the gemstones, that the individuals bought previously from another source at a premium vis-à-vis the gemstone talismans furnished by Gemstoneuniverse to the same patron. There is a world of difference between the two and the jyotish quality gem easily outclasses the other gems. We will let the pictures do the talking for a bit. It is not just a few good words bunched together when they say that a picture speaks a thousand words!


Jyotish Quality Natural Blue sapphire on the Left and Clients Blue sapphire ring on the right

Jyotish Quality Natural Emerald on the Left and Clients emerald ring on the right

It must be remembered that when you decide to implement planetary gem therapy, you use planetary energy to enhance the quality of your life and pace up your progress. And the quality of energy you are tapping into is of great import. An individual may be affected by economic concerns especially while deciding on a gem. But it isn’t really the wisest approach. To know why, click here .

The best course in such a situation in our estimation is to opt for a jyotish quality upratna / substitute gem, instead of opting for a flawed gem and then incurring more losses in the process – by way of negative consequences as well as dealing with regrets of having made a bad investment.

You may have an expensive gem, but in the light of the strictures regarding planetary gems and ruling out doshas , it takes the discerning eye of an astro-gemologist to determine whether it is jyotish grade and suitable for planetary gemology or not!

Take a look at the big lot of premium jewelry grade emeralds – these are superior goods, but not each of the gem in these is jyotish quality. Upon close inspection, there will be red flags. Only a handful (approximately 2 per cent ) of gems will be able to meet all the criteria to be a jyotish quality gem. What was finally selected in terms of jyotish gems out of this lot stands before you as the new lot Sripal 2012 that Gemstoneuniverse finally decided upon and is now on offer. The proportions are pointers enough to how high the rate of rejection is even from the premium quality goods!


So, even if you have paid a handsome figure for your gem, the price alone does not guarantee that it is a jyotish quality gem. Insist on certification and seek guidance from trusted names in the field of planetary gemology. You are special and your Jyotish Gem is special. Jyotish Gems are pure, different and extremely powerful. We have a firm faith that your special Jyotish Gem chooses you.

Enjoy the power, enjoy the magical journey and enjoy the blessings of true jyotish gems.

We urge you to see this video for a visual understanding of the concept outlined above:



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