ARTICLES: Is Your Gemstone Natural Jyotish Quality | Heat Treatment and ineffective Jyotish Gems

Is Your Gemstone Natural Jyotish Quality | Heat Treatment and ineffective Jyotish Gems

Is Your Gemstone Natural Jyotish Quality or A Cooked Gem Fresh from the Furnace?

Natural Yellow Sapphire of 2.00 carats Gemstoneuniverse


Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in October 2012 Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Yellow Sapphire
Weight 2.00carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Sri Lanka/Ceylon
Planetary Energy Jupiter
Patron Location New South Wales / Australia
All inclusive Price $ 1924.18 / INR 101982
Comments It is indeed amazing to see how natural consecrated and energised talismans are able to bring about a change in life undoing the old conditioning and energy patterns, that are often the stumbling blocks. It may take a while before the inner resistance can be broken down, for familiar thoughts, situations and even energy patterns (even though detrimental or serving no purpose) appear to be comforting.


Featured today is a premium natural and treatment free Ceylon Yellow sapphire of exact 2.00 carats set in 22 Karat gold as a Jupiter Talisman ring. The cushion cut natural Yellow sapphire from Srilanka has the finest golden yellow color and superb clarity. The faceting and polishing of the gemstone is also remarkable.

Natural Yellow sapphire or pukhraj is the gemstone of Planet Jupiter / Brihaspati Brahamanspati / Guru . It is a jyotish ratna or gemstone suitable for individuals with dhanu lagna and meen lagna . In other words, individuals with Sagittarius ascendant as well as Pisces ascendant can wear a yellow sapphire.

A good natural, treatment free jyotish quality yellow sapphire commands a premium price. And where there is a market, the presence of unscrupulous elements is a foregone conclusion. There is no dearth of heated yellow sapphire and of its poorer cousins doing rounds in the markets.

Furnace popular for heating corundum in Sri lanka

Yellow sapphire of poor quality with cloudy and pale / almost colorless appearance is subjected to high temperature to enhance color as well as clarity. It is practically cooked in a furnace at a temperatures between 1000-1400 degrees centigrade! And with the advent of Beryllium treatment it has become easy to impart a rich color of choice (you could jolly well choose to have a rich lemon yellow or even make a padparadscha out of a gem ore)!

Please insist on certification before buying a natural gemstone. A natural gemstone with rich color, if available at a price too good to be true surely spells an undisclosed treatment or even genuineness.

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