ARTICLES: Hessonite-Healing, Price, Meaning, Benefits, effects

Hessonite-Healing, Price, Meaning, Benefits, effects


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Hessonite-Healing, Price, Meaning, Benefits, effects

Complete Preliminary Guide Hessonite-Healing, Price, Meaning, Benefits, effects



Hessonite Meaning

Meaning of Gemstone Hessonite

The Hessonite is a Gemstone of the Grossular Garnet Family having colour shades of yellow, brown to reddish brown. Also known as cinnamon stone after the colour of the spice Cinnamon this gemstone is the Gemstone of Planet Rahu as per Vedic Astrology. The basic elements in a Hessonite Garnet are Calcium, Aluminium, Silicon and Oxygen.

Hessonite Price

The Hessonite Gemstone is a readily available gemstone as compared to a Ruby, Emerald or a Sapphire. The price of the Hessonite Gemstone is determined by lack of treatment, clarity, and colour and carat weight.

The cut plays a role too, but most important are lack of treatment and purity of colour. Poor quality Hessonite material as per the Gem Pyramid costs anywhere from $1 to $20 per carat.

Hessonite Healing

The healing properties of Hessonite have been known since ages. Ancients have used to Hessonite to heal Cancer, fear psychosis, multiple personality disorders, skin infections. The healing properties of Hessonite have been found useful for people who suffer from Black magic, Hexing and curse of evil spirits. Hessonite has direct healing properties on the Mooladhara Chakra.

Hessonite Benefits

A True untreated Hessonite has tremendous impact and if suited to the individual brings about many benefits. Some clear important Hessonite benefits are:

-        If the Person is undergoing the major period of Rahu then analysis should be made whether Hessonite is suited or no. If suitable as per the chart Hessonite blesses with many benefits including release of stress and tension and clarity of thoughts.

-        Hessonite benefits are quantifiable and measurable in certain challenging positions of Rahu such as Rahu in 1st house etc. More about typical positions of Rahu.

-        Hessonite is beneficial for individuals suffering from Kalsarp Yoga, fear of snakes, fear of spirits, fear psychosis and evil eye.

Hessonite effects

If the Hessonite Gemstone is well suited then the individual will experience tremendous mental relief and release from mental agony. The beneficial effects of the hessonite are felt by having clarity in mind, confidence, release of fear and clearing of confusion. The Hessonite effects are felt almost instantly as it is a strong stone ruled by the Karmik Planet Rahu.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in April 2014 Table Natural Hessonite Gemstone facts


Natural Hessonite


5.53 carats




Sri Lanka

Planetary Energy

Rahu / North Node

Patron Location

Mumbai, India

All inclusive Price

$ 345.39/ INR 20857


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