ARTICLES: What is Jyotish Quality Emerald | Emerald Clarity for Jyotish

What is Jyotish Quality Emerald | Emerald Clarity for Jyotish

What are Jyotish Gems-Assess Jyotish Quality Vivid Zambian green Zambian Emerald! Emerald – the gem of Mercury!

Natural Zambian Emerald 2.50-carats-Check Video for Minimum acceptable clarity for Jyotish purposes.


Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in June 2011

What is Jyotish Quality Emerald, Emerald Clarity for Jyotish Table Natural Emerald Gem Facts

Gemstone Natural Zambian Emerald
Weight 2.50 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Zambia
Planetary Energy Mercury
Patron Location Bangalore, INDIA
All inclusive Price $1495 / INR 67290
Comments What Are Jyotish Gems-Assess Jyotish Quality Emerald-Natural Zambian Emerald of 2.50 carats for Mercury-Buddha Ratna



Gem Details:

Gemstone: Emerald

Origin: Zambia

Weight: 2.50 carats

Metal for Gold ring: 22K Hallmarked Gold.

This is a prime example of what exactly is a Jyotish Quality Emerald . Have a look for yourself at the picture and the video. When Emeralds of this lot were featured on the website we said they have a very special color.

Here it is for you, and those got took these are very fortunate people. Coming from Zambia view the crystal and the clarity so much full of Life and it leaves your flummoxed.

Fully Natural, check the video to see clarity, lustre and the lovely color!. There are gems that deliver results.

If you are wearing an Emerald then use this video as a reference point to check whether your Emerald is Jyotish Quality or not:


Is your Emerald beautiful?

Is it full of lustre?

Is it fully Natural?

Does it have over 90% clarity levels?

Is light passing through it and entering your body?

If answers to all of the above is yes you have Jyotish Quality. If there is No to any single question you Gem is not Jyotish Quality




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