ARTICLES: Gemstones for success in Bollywood films & fashion Modelling

Gemstones for success in Bollywood films & fashion Modelling

Gemstones for success in Bollywood films & fashion Modelling gemstones-for-success-in-bollywood-films-acting-fashion-modelling

Gemstones for success in Bollywood films & fashion Modelling

Fame is a delicate and dangerous creature; I saw people who didn't honor it, who refused to take responsibility for it, get destroyed by it. I also saw that stardom in and of itself was empty.

Patrick Dempsey

Astrological combinations and Gemstones that give success in Bollywood films, acting, fashion modelling and glamour related careers

In my 20 years of consulting career as an Astrologer, Astro Gemologist, and Gemstone Advisor and as a Vedic Guru on numerous occasions I have consulted individuals desirous of making a successful career in films, modelling and glamour related fields. A very miniscule percentage were able to realize their cherished and visualized dream - some innovated and ended up in TV, some started acting schools, some made a successful switch from modelling to acting and some just faded away or ended up with odd jobs with glorified titles such as "co-ordinator" etc.

The field of media, cinema, glamour, films is full of allurements of a fine life, high living, money, fame, love and adulation from fans, association with beautiful and powerful people etc. but it comes with a high price. In India, thousands of starry eyed wannabe's land up on the shores of Mumbai to be the next big thing on the cine screen or to scorch the ramp.

It is estimated anywhere from 2000 -5000 people arrive in Mumbai daily( As of September 2015) to make it big in these fields and approximately only 5% find some kind of gainful employment and just a few ( those who can be counted on the finger tips) make it as big as the leading Stars.

Four things are common to majority of candidates who go through the cycle of achieving their Bollywood dreams or being a successful fashion model - hard work, dejection, living a tough life and a bit of good luck. Every single person's journey is unique and stories like that a waiter from  Bangkok becoming a major film star; or owner of a small shop in Delhi becoming the darling of the nation, fuels these desires and ambitions even more - leading to more supply than demand - leading to stories of cheating, fraud, humiliation, exploitation and shattering of dreams.

Since my domain is astrological expertise and success with gemstones I shall restrict my discussion to these subjects but I hope sharing and insights of some of my experiences and interactions with stars and Not-Yet-Stars will help the aspiring individual in his / her journey.

As several of the stars in India whether in Bollywood films/ fashion/ TV serials etc. wear gemstones, for some of the aspirants this also becomes the part of the puzzle, in addition to things like getting a portfolio shot, doing a round of the studios, being seen with the right people, making the right connections, networking, social media marketing etc.  In the year 2014, Gemstoneuniverse addressed around 90+ individuals associated in these fields. This awareness for wearing Lucky Gemstones to enhance success rates have come, as more and more stars wear their Gemstones quite openly. You can see some of them here.

Astrological Factors to be a success as a Bollywood Star, Fashion Model, Glamour Industry:

Fashion Models

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The Birth chart or the Vedic Horoscope is the basic blue print to assess whether one can make it in these fields. If the chart and its assessment show success then one might look at giving strength to strong houses and planets by wearing Jyotish Quality Gemstones to enhance the chances of success. The following houses play a key role in success in glamour related careers:

The first house/ascendant

The first house also called the Lagna is the most important house. This house symbolizes general success but most importantly governs physique, personality, impact of personality, type of face and influence on people. If the lord of these houses is posited in good powerful houses or gets associated with planets of beauty Venus and the planet of courage Mars then it is a big positive. Consciously caring for health and body including treatments and exercises to look good are also covered by this house.

The 2nd House/ House of Speech and earned wealth

This is a very important house especially for those searching for success in a film career. This house controls the quality of speech which in turn accounts for style of talking, voice quality and modulation, tone etc. and impact of speech on masses. Exceptional actors have a very strong 2nd house and are able to excel at dialogue delivery and influence masses.

Many actors have instant recall just because of their voice quality or certain speech mannerisms. When at the subject of speech and the 2nd house one should also do a realistic assessment or have a mentor who can guide the aspirant towards their strengths and weakness's.

For example, somebody with a very heavy accent or somebody whose native language is not Hindi may not find an opportunity in Bollywood cinema where perfect Hindi is a must or they might have to really work hard at their diction and Hindi speaking skills to fit in.

There are successful examples of those who have been able to do this and find fame and success. The second house also indicates gain of wealth and money from a skill set. So a powerful 2nd house or a well placed 2nd lord indicates success.

The 5th House/ House of entertainment, following, higher creativity

This is the house of creativity, inspiration, innovation, inspired performance and acceptance of that performance/ body of work by a large number of people who are eventually known as Fans. This is the house that contains all elements that come under the domain of "Entertainment". A Strong 5th house is very important for widespread fame and unique memorable performances. Creating a lasting impression is the domain of this house.

The 6th House/ House of competition, diseases, debts and enemies

For people who take up a career in sports this is the most important house as it signifies dominating the opponent and emerging victorious. However, in the field of glamour, entertainment and fashion this house is a key house as this is a highly competitive field. One has to compete against several contenders just to get noticed. This house is also responsible for the hard journey and also frauds such as paying money to a film school to get a role and finally being ditched or other unsavoury things such as casting couch etc. Standing in queues from morning to night for an audition also comes under the domain of this house.

The 9th house/ House of Fate and fortune

This house reflects the sum total of all good deeds of the previous birth and operation of good luck in this birth due to those virtuous deeds. In this field, it translates to be in the right place at the right time, finding the right mentors and facilitators and the right people backing you up. After the travails of the 6th house this is the house of rewards. Remember the 9th house comes after the 6th so the journey has to be from hard work to good fortune. From humiliation and refusal to gain of respect and acceptance is the domain of this house.



The 10th house/ House of Career, Rewards and Recognition

This is the most vital house for success in entertainment and glamour industry. This house and its house lord should be strong and connected with planets that control entertainment, drama, acting, style, fashion and luxury. This house also shows line of work and the mode of earning. Whether one will be successful as a method actor, romantic lead, action, melodrama or would grace magazine covers as a fashion or fitness model are governed by this house. This house also controls rewards and recognition or lack of them on a public platform.

The 11th house/ House of Fame, income, Mass hysteria, network and acceptance

This is the house of sudden windfall gains, income and fame. In glamorous fields, it is very important to have a strong 11th house and the stronger it is the better for a worldwide recognition. A strong 11th house signifies love, devotion and adulation from a large number of fans and followers. It is also responsible for one's image and effect of publicity. It controls the network you build and the kind of events/ parties that you get invited to. This house also determines whether you have real friends or fair weather friends.

We have discussed the important houses that are vital for success in a film career, fashion career etc now we will discuss some planets that are important for success in this domain.

Venus: Venus is the planet of beauty, luxury, riches, drama, fine arts etc. No wonder many people in the field of glamour are enamoured by the Venus Gemstone - Diamond. Venus is refined and gives taste for finer things in life including the kind of clothes one wears including texture, style etc. This planet represents all things opulent like fine fragrances, fast cars, and expensive jewellery but most importantly it controls beauty and appearance. A strong Venus goes a long way in blessing with an impressive, captivating and enamouring personality. It is also responsible for a unique style that an individual develops in walking, talking, carrying oneself. It is also the significator for melody, singing, dancing, and film promotions. In short, the appearance of the package at first is controlled by Venus.

Mars: Mars is the planet of energy, vitality and vigour and these are important elements for having a stage/ screen presence. It is the planet of initiative and courage and throwing caution to the winds is the domain of Mars. This planet helps in overcoming shyness, following directions of the directors/ choreographers/ directors without a feeling of embarrassment and overcoming stage fright and overcoming negative questions like, "How will I appear doing this stuff"? And am I looking like a buffoon doing this/ wearing this? Action movies and stars to a large extent need to have a strong Mars for success.

Mercury: Mercury is the planet of intellect and speech. It gives command over language, dialogue delivery and basically controls all aspects of communication. It is also important for decision making such as choosing the right scripts and working with right people and backing winnable projects. This also controls the 6th sense/ intuition and gives the ability to give calculated risk.

Rahu: Every industry comes with its own share of unique problems but is important to have a strong Rahu - the shadowy planet to navigate through the machinations. Rahu gives the judgement to make the difference between dreams and reality. It keeps one grounded and ability to see through plots, machinations etc. and avoid fraud and exploitation. This is the planet that keeps desperation in check and gives you the ability to judge real individuals and proposals from the frauds.

The multiple ways these planets connect aspects etc. each other produces unique combinations of success or failures. A great degree also depends on the correct numerology of the name and also some unique placement of planets such as Sun for lasting fame etc but these are beyond the scope of this write up. For success as a global star and in Hollywood it is also important to analyse the importance and impact of planet Neptune and the number 7 on destiny.

Gemstones for success in Bollywood, film making business, fashion and modelling.

Fine Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire and Diamond ring

Fine  Bespoke Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire and Diamond ring

Ascendant wise discussion of  best gemstones that give success as a Bollywood actor, fashion models, films and fields of glamour, entertainment etc.

Gemstones for Aries Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

The best Gemstones would be unheated Ruby followed by Yellow Sapphire.

Gemstones for Taurus Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

Blue Sapphire, Emerald followed by Diamond.

Gemstones for Gemini Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

Diamond and Emerald

Gemstones for Cancer Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire

Gemstones for Leo Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire

Gemstones for Virgo Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

Diamond and Emerald

Gemstones for Libra Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

Blue Sapphire and Diamond

Gemstones for Scorpio Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

Ruby and Yellow Sapphire

Gemstones for Sagittarius Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

Red Coral or Ruby

Gemstones for Capricorn Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

Diamond and Blue Sapphire

Gemstones for Aquarius Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

Emerald and Diamond

Gemstones for Pisces Ascendant for success as an actor, model, film industry

Red Coral and Yellow Sapphires

Important points to consider before wearing lucky gemstones for film business, Bollywood, fashion industry etc.

-        Wear Only High quality Jyotish Gemstones

-        Gemstones should be free from any flaws listed in the sacred texts.

-        The weight of Gemstone should be calculated accurately after thorough analysis of your birth chart.

-        Wear your prescribed Gemstones 24 hours/ 365 days.

-        If you are trying other esoteric methods to enhance success please disclose them to your Astro Gemologist before the consultation.

-        Avoid classic errors that lead to Gem Therapy Failure.


Some case studies

case 1


A very powerful horoscope but he had to struggle none the less. After trying out various things in Mumbai for 3-4 years landed up a role as a central lead and the debut film was a runaway access. Notice the powerful 1st house, 2nd house, 9th house, 10th house, 11th house and placement of all key planets discussed above. After doing a couple of forgetful films faded away and made a comeback on TV. Today is one of the successful TV stars and is also a successful businessman. Is involved in event management amongst other things besides being a TV celebrity.

case 2



One of the first Indian Models to be known at the international stage. Found success in international assignments and bought new consciousness into the Indian mindset about body beautiful and sensuality. A fitness and health freak - notice the position of Mars and Ketu in the 1st house. Did not graduate from Modelling to Films and was blamed for being too choosy and selective. Notice the placement of Rahu in 7th house and debilitated Sun in the 12th. Now spends time for charitable causes and sports.

case 3


Ran away from home at age 23 to become a film star and struggled for 9 long years doing the drill. A big fan of Michael Jackson, dancing is his forte. After doing nothing worthwhile for 9 years, opened a small dance School. Notice the position of moon in the 5th house, 5th lord Jupiter in the 2nd house and presence of Venus in the 1st house. Runs this school and supplies dancers for films. However, is still hopeful that he might land up a character role. Tried his bit to popularize Bollywood dance in other South East Asian countries but was unsuccessful - notice the debilitated Sun in the 12th house.

case 4


He got his first film which was a low budget film by sheer chance and luck. Despite being released along with a big budget film with a big star cast and severe criticism by critics and lack of enthusiasm by public at first, the movie picked up in subsequent weeks and was a big success. Subsequent films were poor copies of the original genre but he kept on improving. Now, in the field for 2 decades he is considered a dependable and a bankable actor. He has many performances of critical acclaim also.

case 5 

Her ticket to a fashion career was winning a beauty pageant. Subsequent to that she successfully modelled for major brands and also walked the ramp for a couple of years. A couple of forgetful movies later she tried her hand in TV as a host but didn't get much success either. Finally ended up doing business - organizing celebrity and theme based parties. Today prides herself for her network and is known in the industry for connecting the right people. Finds herself on the jury for judging fashion and beauty shows.

I wish all those with starry dreams in their eyes to fulfil them, for it is a tough cycle you go through. Good Luck.

Guruji Shrii Arnav

Note: All Charts are from my personal case files and case files of Abhijita Kulshrestha

Guruji Shrii Arnav - Vedic Guru is also an internationally acclaimed planetary gemmologist. An Accredited Jewellery Professional from the Gemmological Institute of America at present he is the chief mentor of and . He is also the chief Horoscope columnist of Deccan Herald - leading Indian English daily.

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