ARTICLES: Emerald Gemstone Clarity for Jyotish Purposes

Emerald Gemstone Clarity for Jyotish Purposes


Judging Emerald Clarity for Planetary Gem Therapy Purposes-What is Jyotish Quality Clarity for Emeralds.

Emerald Gemstone Clarity for Jyotish Purposes

Among all the major gemstones used for Navagraha Gemology and planetary gem therapy purposes-Emerald also known as Panna has the most visible inclusions.

Emerald is the deep green variety of beryl, an aluminum berylium silicate, Al 2 Be 3 (Si 6 O 18 ). It is a cyclosilicate and often found in hexagonal primatic crystal forms. Beryl is 7.5-8 on the hardness scale and a vitreous lustre

Any specimen that has very less inclusions or no inclusions is seen with suspicion as a synthetic Gemstone or an imitation. In General occurrence of fractures, inclusions, mica elements in Emeralds does not reduce their value but instead prove that they were created in the lap of Mother Nature and hence are natural.

What is Jyotish Quality Clarity In Emerald?

Since our domain is Jyotish Quality Emerald what is the clarity level that we should aim for. At Gemstoneuniverse we keep the basic clarity level to be around 90% to be of Jyotish Quality. However if you are able to source an Emerald with around 80% clarity Levels, it will give good results for Mercury. Anything below that should not be considered.

The most common kind of inclusions seen are the Jardins or Gardens that are seen in all natural Emeralds. Another common kind of inclusion is the white feathery or flaky inclusion of the mineral .

Some of the common inclusions in emeralds are:

The spiral inclusion is caused by the tiny droplets of water trapped during Emerald formation.

Generally Finger print is caused by tiny gas bubbles


Growth Structure

Picture Courtesy: Above 4 pictures of Emerald inclusions belong to Emporia State University . Thank You very much!

Whispy/ Flaky/ Crack Like Appearance- Inclusions of calcite, quartz and pyrite

The above inclusions are quite common and actually prove the Natural Origin of the emerald. As the inclusions become lesser the price of the Emerald goes higher!

Target around 80% and above clarity for Jyotish Quality Results.

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